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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Animal models of major depressive disorder and the implications for drug discovery and developmentDemin, K. A.; Sysoev, M.; Chernysh, M. V.; Savva, A. K.; Koshiba, M.; Wappler-Guzzetta, E. A.; Song, C.; De Abreu, M. S.; Leonard, B.; Parker, M. O.; Harvey, B. H.; Tian, L.; Vasar, E.; Strekalova, T.; Amstislavskaya, T. G.; Volgin, A. D.; Alpyshov, E. T.; Wang, D.; Kalueff, A. V.
2021Boron and Gadolinium Loaded fe3o4 Nanocarriers for Potential Application in Neutron Cancer TherapyKorolkov, I. V.; Zibert, A. V.; Lissovskaya, L. I.; Ludzik, K.; Anisovich, M.; Kozlovskiy, A. L.; Shumskaya, A. E.; Vasilyeva, M.; Shlimas, D. I.; Jażdżewska, M.; Marciniak, B.; Kontek, R.; Chudoba, D.; Zdorovets, M. V.
2019A co-expression network for differentially expressed genes in bladder cancer and a risk score model for predicting survivalChen, Z.; Liu, G.; Hossain, A.; Danilova, I. G.; Bolkov, M. A.; Liu, G.; Tuzankina, I. A.; Tan, W.
2022Computational Analysis of MolnupiravirSharov, A. V.; Burkhanova, T. M.; Tok, T. T.; Babashkina, M. G.; Safin, D. A.
2020Development of a new approach to diagnosis of the early fluorosis forms by means of FTIR and Raman microspectroscopySeredin, P.; Goloshchapov, D.; Ippolitov, Y.; Vongsvivut, J.
2022Distribution of Radionuclides and Radiological Health Assessment in Seih-Sidri Area, Southwestern SinaiAlharshan, G. A.; Kamar, M. S.; Lasheen, E. S. R.; Ene, A.; Uosif, M. A. M.; Awad, H. A.; Issa, S. A. M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2019DNA physical properties outperform sequence compositional information in classifying nucleosome-enriched and -depleted regionsLiu, G.; Liu, G. -J.; Tan, J. -X.; Lin, H.
2022Electrochemical Aptasensors for Antibiotics Detection: Recent Achievements and Applications for Monitoring Food SafetyEvtugyn, G.; Porfireva, A.; Tsekenis, G.; Oravczova, V.; Hianik, T.
2019Ferrogels ultrasonography for biomedical applicationsBlyakhman, F. A.; Sokolov, S. Y.; Safronov, A. P.; Dinislamova, O. A.; Shklyar, T. F.; Zubarev, A. Y.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.; Сафронов, А. П.
2017Flatness-Based Control Approach to Drug Infusion for Cardiac Function RegulationRigatos, G.; Zervos, N.; Melkikh, A.
2016The formation of the self-maintenance skills in the pre-school children presenting with locomotor and coordination disordersPoletaeva-Dubrovina, N. A.; Burkova, A. M.
2016Improving treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders: Recommendations based on preclinical studiesHomberg, J. R.; Kyzar, E. J.; Stewart, A. M.; Nguyen, M.; Poudel, M. K.; Echevarria, D. J.; Collier, A. D.; Gaikwad, S.; Klimenko, V. M.; Norton, W.; Pittman, J.; Nakamura, S.; Koshiba, M.; Yamanouchi, H.; Apryatin, S. A.; Scattoni, M. L.; Diamond, D. M.; Ullmann, J. F. P.; Parker, M. O.; Brown, R. E.; Song, C.; Kalueff, A. V.
2022Integrated AHP-TOPSIS under a Fuzzy Environment for the Selection of Waste-To-Energy Technologies in Ghana: A Performance Analysis and Socio-Enviro-Economic Feasibility StudyAfrane, S.; Ampah, J. D.; Agyekum, E. B.; Amoh, P. O.; Yusuf, A. A.; Fattah, I. M. R.; Agbozo, E.; Elgamli, E.; Shouran, M.; Mao, G.; Kamel, S.
2017Integrated environmental policy: A review of economic analysisWiesmeth, H.; Häckl, D.
2016Microbiology of the subglacial Lake Vostok: First results of borehole-frozen lake water analysis and prospects for searching for lake inhabitantsBulat, S. A.
2021Modulation of Behavioral and Neurochemical Responses of Adult Zebrafish by Fluoxetine, Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Lipopolysaccharide in the Prolonged Chronic Unpredictable Stress ModelDemin, K. A.; Kolesnikova, T. O.; Galstyan, D. S.; Krotova, N. A.; Ilyin, N. P.; Derzhavina, K. A.; Levchenko, N. A.; Strekalova, T.; de Abreu, M. S.; Petersen, E. V.; Seredinskaya, M.; Cherneyko, Y. V.; Kositsyn, Y. M.; Sorokin, D. V.; Zabegalov, K. N.; Mor, M. S.; Efimova, E. V.; Kalueff, A. V.
2022A Novel Triazole Schiff Base Derivatives for Remediation of Chromium Contamination from Tannery Waste WaterAlluhaybi, A. A.; Alharbi, A.; Hameed, A. M.; Gouda, A. A.; Hassen, F. S.; El-Gendy, H. S.; Atia, B. M.; Salem, A. R.; Gado, M. A.; Ene, A.; Awad, H. A.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2022Oscillatory brain activity and maintenance of verbal and visual working memory: A systematic reviewPavlov, Y. G.; Kotchoubey, B.
2020Overdrive pacing of spiral waves in a model of human ventricular tissuePravdin, S. F.; Epanchintsev, T. I.; Panfilov, A. V.
2019Pyranopyrazoles as efficient antimicrobial agents: Green, one pot and multicomponent approachReddy, G. M.; Garcia, J. R.; Zyryanov, G. V.; Sravya, G.; Reddy, N. B.; Зырянов, Г. В.