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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Ab Initio Study of the Electronic Properties of a Silicene Anode Subjected to Transmutation DopingGalashev, A. Y.; Vorob’ev, A. S.
2019Alpha self-absorption evaluation in radiometric filter material for the natural range of alpha energy (5-9 MeV)Mostafa, M. Y. A.; Zhukovsky, M. V.
2023Computational Modeling of Doped 2D Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion BatteriesGalashev, A.
2014Defects and localized states in silica layers implanted with lead ionsZatsepin, A. F.; Fitting, H. -J.; Buntov, E. A.; Pustovarov, V. A.; Schmidt, B.
2018Depth profiles of aggregate centers and nanodefects in LiF crystals irradiated with 34 MeV 84Kr, 56 MeV 40Ar and 12 MeV 12C ionsDauletbekova, A.; Skuratov, V.; Kirilkin, N.; Manika, I.; Maniks, J.; Zabels, R.; Akilbekov, A.; Volkov, A.; Baizhumanov, M.; Zdorovets, M.; Seitbayev, A.
2019Dimerization and low-dimensional magnetism in nanocrystalline TiO2 semiconductors doped by Fe and CoYermakov, A.; Boukhvalov, D.; Uimin, M.; Mesilov, V.; Minin, A.; Galakhov, V.; Korolyov, A.; Volegov, A.; Rosenfeld, E.; Gubkin, A.; Molochnikov, L.
2019Donor DBH excitons and magnetism of Mn doped ZnOSokolov, V. I.; Gruzdev, N. B.; Vazhenin, V. A.; Fokin, A. V.; Korolev, A. V.; Menshenin, V. V.; Surikov, V. T.; Yemelchenko, G. A.
2023Eco-Friendly Electroless Template Synthesis of Cu-Based Composite Track-Etched Membranes for Sorption Removal of Lead(II) IonsAltynbaeva, L. S.; Mashentseva, A. A.; Aimanova, N. A.; Zheltov, D. A.; Shlimas, D. I.; Nurpeisova, D. T.; Barsbay, M.; Abuova, F. U.; Zdorovets, M. V.
2010The effect of fission product elements on the behavior of uranyl species in alkali chloride melts: A contribution towards reprocessing spent oxide fuelsVolkovich, V. A.; Aleksandrov, D. E.; Vasin, B. D.; Maltsev, D. S.; Griffiths, T. R.
2019The effect of ion irradiation (Ar+, e = 10 keV) on the nanocrystalline structure and the aging of the Al-Li-Cu-Zn-Mg-Zr-Sc alloy after megaplastic deformationGushchina, N. V.; Ovchinnikov, V. V.; Makhin'Ko, F. F.; Kaigorodova, L. I.; Rasposienko, D. Y.
2019Effect of irradiation and subsequent aging on the structure of a B-1461 alloy of the Al-Cu-Li-Zn system after megaplastic deformationGushchina, N. V.; Ovchinnikov, V. V.; Makhin'ko, F. F.; Kaigorodova, L. I.; Rasposienko, D. Y.
2023Effect of Substrates on the Physicochemical Properties of Li7La3Zr2O12 Films Obtained by Electrophoretic DepositionLyalin, E.; Il’ina, E.; Pankratov, A.; Kuznetsova, T.; Kalinina, E.
2019Effects of Irradiation Temperature on the Response of CeO2, ThO2, and UO2 to Highly Ionizing RadiationCureton, W. F.; Palomares, R. I.; Tracy, C. L.; O'Quinn, E. C.; Walters, J.; Zdorovets, M.; Ewing, R. C.; Toulemonde, M.; Lang, M.
2017Effects of nanoparticle heating on the structure of a concentrated aqueous salt solutionSindt, J. O.; Alexander, A. J.; Camp, P. J.
2013Electric properties of oxyfluorides Ba2In2O 5-0.5x F x with brownmillerite structureTarasova, N. A.; Filinkova, Y. V.; Animitsa, I. E.
2014Electrochemical properties of molybdenum in alkali chloride meltsIvanov, A. B.; Volkovich, V. A.; Likhachev, P. Yu.; Kamalov, R. V.
2015Electrochemical strain microscopy time spectroscopy: Model and experiment on LiMn2O4Amanieu, H. -Y.; Thai, H. N. M.; Luchkin, S. Yu.; Rosato, D.; Lupascu, D. C.; Keip, M. -A.; Schröder, J.; Kholkin, A. L.
2017Electrode and redox potentials of molybdenum and stability of molybdenum chloro-species in alkali chloride meltsVolkovich, V. A.; Ivanov, A. B.; Kamalov, R. V.; Maltsev, D. S.; Vasin, B. D.; Griffiths, T. R.
2014Electronic band gap reduction and intense luminescence in Co and Mn ion-implanted SiO2Green, R. J.; Zatsepin, D. A.; St. , Onge, D. J.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Zatsepin, A. F.; Moewes, A.
2010Electronic Excitations and Luminescence of SrAlF5 Crystals Doped with Ce3+ IonsOmelkov, S.; Pustovarov, V.; Kirm, M.; Ogorodnikov, I.; Isaenko, L.