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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Astaxantin and Isoflavones Inhibit Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Rats by Reducing Oxidative Stress and Normalizing Ca/Mg BalanceSemenov, A. L.; Gubareva, E. A.; Ermakova, E. D.; Dorofeeva, A. A.; Tumanyan, I. A.; Radetskaya, E. A.; Yurova, M. N.; Aboushanab, S. A.; Kanwugu, O. N.; Fedoros, E. I.; Panchenko, A. V.
2020Changes in rat myocardium contractility under subchronic intoxication with lead and cadmium salts administered alone or in combinationProtsenko, Y. L.; Klinova, S. V.; Gerzen, O. P.; Privalova, L. I.; Minigalieva, I. A.; Balakin, A. A.; Lookin, O. N.; Lisin, R. V.; Butova, K. A.; Nabiev, S. R.; Katsnelson, L. B.; Nikitina, L. V.; Katsnelson, B. A.
2021A combined Langendorff-injection technique for simultaneous isolation of single cardiomyocytes from atria and ventricles of the rat heartButova, X. A.; Myachina, T. A.; Khokhlova, A. D.
2013Comparative in vivo assessment of some adverse bioeffects of equidimensional gold and silver nanoparticles and the attenuation of nanosilver's effects with a complex of innocuous bioprotectorsKatsnelson, B. A.; Privalova, L. I.; Gurvich, V. B.; Makeyev, O. H.; Shur, V. Y.; Beikin, Y. B.; Sutunkova, M. P.; Kireyeva, E. P.; Minigalieva, I. A.; Loginova, N. V.; Vasilyeva, M. S.; Korotkov, A. V.; Shuman, E. A.; Vlasova, L. A.; Shishkina, E. V.; Tyurnina, A. E.; Kozin, R. V.; Valamina, I. E.; Pichugova, S. V.; Tulakina, L. G.; Шур, В. Я.
2015Domain structures and local switching in lead-free piezoceramics Ba0.85Ca0.15Ti0.90Zr0.10O3Turygin, A. P.; Neradovskiy, M. M.; Naumova, N. A.; Zayats, D. V.; Coondoo, I.; Kholkin, A. L.; Shur, V. Y.; Шур, В. Я.
2014Effect of Eu doping and partial oxygen isotope substitution on magnetic phase transitions in (Pr1 - Y Eu y )0.7Ca 0.3CoO3 cobaltitesBabushkina, N. A.; Taldenkov, A. N.; Streltsov, S. V.; Kalinov, A. V.; Kuzmova, T. G.; Kamenev, A. A.; Kaul, A. R.; Khomskii, D. I.; Kugel, K. I.
2013Effect of hydration on conductivity of Ba4La x Ca2-X Nb2O11 + 0.5x (x = 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2) phasesKorona, D. V.; Kutikov, I. M.; Neiman, A. Y.
2019The effects of edaphic and climatic factors on secondary lichen chemistry: A case study using saxicolous lichensPaukov, A.; Teptina, A.; Morozova, M.; Kruglova, E.; Favero-Longo, S. E.; Bishop, C.; Rajakaruna, N.
2022High-Temperature Electrochemistry of CalciumZaikov, Yu.; Batukhtin, V.; Shurov, N.; Suzdaltsev, A.
2021In Silico Simulations Reveal That Ryr Distribution Affects the Dynamics of Calcium Release in Cardiac MyocytesIaparov, B. I.; Zahradnik, I.; Moskvin, A. S.; Zahradníková, A.
2019The lack of slow force response in failing rat myocardium: role of stretch-induced modulation of Ca–TnC kineticsLookin, O.; Protsenko, Y.
2017Mathematical modeling shows the frequency of Ca 2+ sparks in cells depends on the ryanodine receptor's arrangementIaparov, B. I.; Khamzin, S. Y.; Moskvin, A. S.; Solovyova, O. E.
2013Mechanism of sorption equilibrium in the recovery of zinc, calcium, and magnesium from waste water by the use of iminodiacetate resinsTimofeev, K. L.; Naboichenko, S. S.
2018Mechano-Electric Feedbacks in a New Model of the Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Human CardiomyocytesBalakina-Vikulova, N.; Solovyova, O.; Panfilov, A.; Katsnelson, L.
2012Modeling of heterogeneity in electrical and mechanical properties of guinea pig ventricular myocytesVasilyeva, Anastasia; Solovyova, Olga
2013Modification of a Ti-Mo alloy surface via plasma electrolytic oxidation in a solution containing calcium and phosphorusSimka, W.; Krza̧kała, A.; Korotin, D. M.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Cholakh, S. O.; Kuna, K.; Dercz, G.; Michalska, J.; Suchanek, K.; Gorewoda, T.
2015Modification of titanium and titanium dioxide surfaces by ion implantation: Combined XPS and DFT studyBoukhvalov, D. W.; Korotin, D. M.; Efremov, A. V.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Borchers, C.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Gunderov, D. V.; Valiev, R. Z.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Cholakh, S. O.
2021The nutrition and health status of residents of the northern regions of russia: Outlook of vertical agricultural farmsDidenko, N. I.; Davydenko, V. A.; Magaril, E. R.; Romashkina, G. F.; Skripnuk, D. F.; Kulik, S. V.
2020Oxygen transport in Pr nickelates: Elucidation of atomic-scale featuresSadykov, V.; Pikalova, E.; Eremeev, N.; Shubin, A.; Zilberberg, I.; Prosvirin, I.; Sadovskaya, E.; Bukhtiyarov, A.
2021Phenanthrene alters the electrical activity of atrial and ventricular myocytes of a polar fish, the Navaga codAbramochkin, D. V.; Kompella, S. N.; Shiels, H. A.