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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Absence of a stable atomic structure in fluorinated grapheneBoukhvalov, D. W.
2017Atomic and electronic structure of a copper/graphene interface as prepared and 1.5 years afterBoukhvalov, D. W.; Bazylewski, P. F.; Kukharenko, A. I.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Ponosov, Y. S.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Cholakh, S. O.; Lee, Y. H.; Chang, G. S.
2018Atomic and electronic structure of graphene oxide/Cu interfaceBoukhvalov, D. W.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Urbańczyk, E.; Dercz, G.; Stolarczyk, A.; Simka, W.; Kukharenko, A. I.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Slesarev, A. I.; Zatsepin, A. F.; Cholakh, S. O.
2015The atomic and electronic structure of nitrogen- and boron-doped phosphoreneBoukhvalov, D. W.
2018Atomic and electronic structures of stable linear carbon chains on Ag-nanoparticlesBoukhvalov, D. W.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Fazio, E.; Cholakh, S. O.; D'Urso, L.
2015Atomic, electronic and magnetic structure of graphene/iron and nickel interfaces: Theory and experimentBoukhvalov, D. W.; Gornostyrev, Y. N.; Uimin, M. A.; Korolev, A. V.; Yermakov, A. Y.
2019Bulk In2O3 crystals grown by chemical vapour transport: a combination of XPS and DFT studiesZatsepin, D. A.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Zatsepin, A. F.; Vines, L.; Gogova, D.; Shur, V. Y.; Esin, A. A.; Шур, В. Я.
2017Bulk vs. Surface Structure of 3d Metal Impurities in Topological Insulator Bi2Te3Leedahl, B.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Kukharenko, A.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Cholakh, S. O.; Le, P. Huu; Luo, C. Wei; Moewes, A.
2015The characterization of Co-nanoparticles supported on grapheneBazylewski, P.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Kukharenko, A. I.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Hunt, A.; Moewes, A.; Lee, Y. H.; Cholakh, S. O.; Chang, G. S.
2020Charge Redistribution Mechanisms in SnSe2Surfaces Exposed to Oxidative and Humid Environments and Their Related Influence on Chemical SensingD'olimpio, G.; Genuzio, F.; Menteş, T. O.; Paolucci, V.; Kuo, C. -N.; Al Taleb, A.; Lue, C. S.; Torelli, P.; Fariás, D.; Locatelli, A.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Cantalini, C.; Politano, A.
2016Charge transfer and weak bonding between molecular oxygen and graphene zigzag edges at low temperaturesBoukhvalov, D. W.; Osipov, V. Y.; Shames, A. I.; Takai, K.; Hayashi, T.; Enoki, T.
2020Chemical instability of free-standing boron monolayers and properties of oxidized borophene sheetsLei, X.; Zatsepin, A. F.; Boukhvalov, D. W.
2015Chemical modifications and stability of phosphorene with impurities: a first principles studyBoukhvalov, D. W.; Rudenko, A. N.; Prishchenko, D. A.; Mazurenko, V. G.; Katsnelson, M. I.; Кацнельсон, М. И.; Руденко, А. Н.
2021Chemical reactions on surfaces for applications in catalysis, gas sensing, adsorption-assisted desalination and Li-ion batteries: opportunities and challenges for surface scienceBoukhvalov, D. W.; Paolucci, V.; D’Olimpio, G.; Cantalini, C.; Politano, A.
2023Comparative analysis of the electronic energy structure of nanocrystalline polymorphs of Y2O3 thin Layers: Theory and experimentsBoukhvalov, D. W.; Zatsepin, D. A.; Kuznetsova, Y. A.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Zatsepin, A. F.
2023A comprehensive model of nitrogen-free ordered carbon quantum dotsBoukhvalov, D. W.; Osipov, V. Y.; Hogan, B. T.; Baldycheva, A.
2023Corrigendum to “Bismuth-doped gadolinium oxide films for UV-Vis multicolor conversion: Combined XPS, DFT and photoluminescence study” [J. Alloys Compd. 949, (2023), 169815] (Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2023) 949, (S0925838823011180), (10.1016/j.jallcom.2023.169815))Zatsepin, A. F.; Kuznetsova, Y. A.; Zatsepin, D. A.; Wong, C. -H.; Law, W. -C.; Tang, C. -Y.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Boukhvalov, D. W.
2021Efficient Electrochemical Water Splitting with PdSn4Dirac Nodal Arc SemimetalBoukhvalov, D. W.; Kuo, C. -N.; Nappini, S.; Marchionni, A.; D’Olimpio, G.; Filippi, J.; Mauri, S.; Torelli, P.; Lue, C. S.; Vizza, F.; Politano, A.
2022Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction with Bulk and Nanostructured Mitrofanovite Pt3 Te4D’olimpio, G.; Zhang, L.; Kuo, C. -N.; Farias, D.; Ottaviano, L.; Lue, C. S.; Fujii, J.; Vobornik, I.; Agarwal, A.; Torelli, P.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Politano, A.
2016Electronic structure and photoluminescence properties of Zn-ion implanted silica glass before and after thermal annealingZatsepin, D. A.; Zatsepin, A. F.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Pchelkina, Z. V.; Gavrilov, N. V.