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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of the Possible Ways to Reduce Sulfur Content in Pig IronMyasoedov, S. V.; Filatov, S. V.; Panteleev, V. V.; Listopadov, V. S.; Zagainov, S. A.
2016Band filling dependence of the Curie temperature in CrO2Solovyev, I. V.; Kashin, I. V.; Mazurenko, V. V.
2020Determination of the Growth Time Period of Loose Zinc Deposit Using Interval Analysis MethodsNikitin, V. S.; Ostanina, T. N.; Kumkov, S. I.; Rudoy, V. M.; Ostanin, N. I.
2020Domain patterning of non-polar cut lithium niobate by focused ion beamChezganov, D. S.; Vlasov, E. O.; Pashnina, E. A.; Turygin, A. P.; Nuraeva, A. S.; Shur, V. Y.; Шур, В. Я.
2021Effects of irradiation of ZnO/CdS/Cu2ZnSnSe4/Mo/glass solar cells by 10 MeV electrons on photoluminescence spectraSulimov, M. A.; Sarychev, M. N.; Yakushev, M. V.; Márquez-Prieto, J.; Forbes, I.; Ivanov, V. Y.; Edwards, P. R.; Mudryi, A. V.; Krustok, J.; Martin, R. W.
2020Emergence of quantum critical charge and spin-state fluctuations near the pressure-induced Mott transition in MnO, FeO, CoO, and NiOLeonov, I.; Shorikov, A. O.; Anisimov, V. I.; Abrikosov, I. A.
2020Germanate Oxide Impacts on the Optical and Gamma Radiation Shielding Properties of TeO2-ZnO-Li2O Glass SystemKaky, K. M.; Sayyed, M. I.; Ati, A. A.; Mhareb, M. H. A.; Mahmoud, K. A.; Baki, S. O.; Mahdi, M. A.
2021In Silicon Monte Carlo Simulation Trials for Investigation of V2O5 Reinforcement Effect on Ternary Zinc Borate Glasses: Nuclear Radiation Shielding DynamicsTekin, H. O.; Issa, S. A. M.; Kilic, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Abuzaid, M. M.; Tarhan, N.; Alshammari, K.; Sidek, H. A. A.; Matori, K. A.; Zaid, M. H. M.
2021The Influence of Titanium Dioxide on Silicate-Based Glasses: An Evaluation of the Mechanical and Radiation Shielding PropertiesAlbarzan, B.; Hanfi, M. Y.; Almuqrin, A. H.; Sayyed, M. I.; Alsafi, H. M.; Mahmoud, K. A.
2020Multi-objective optimization strategies for radiation shielding performance of BZBB glasses using Bi2O3: A FLUKA Monte Carlo code calculationsMostafa, A. M. A.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Pyshkina, M.; Issa, S. A. M.; Tekin, H. O.; Sidek, H. A. A.; Matori, K. A.; Zaid, M. H. M.
2021Multistate Current-Induced Magnetization Switching in Au/Fe/MgO(001) Epitaxial HeterostructuresGospodarič, P.; Młyńczak, E.; Soldatov, I.; Kákay, A.; Bürgler, D. E.; Plucinski, L.; Schäfer, R.; Fassbender, J.; Schneider, C. M.
2021Novel synthesis and electrochemical investigations of ZnO/C composites for lithium-ion batteriesThauer, E.; Zakharova, G. S.; Andreikov, E. I.; Adam, V.; Wegener, S. A.; Nölke, J. -H.; Singer, L.; Ottmann, A.; Asyuda, A.; Zharnikov, M.; Kiselkov, D. M.; Zhu, Q.; Puzyrev, I. S.; Podval’naya, N. V.; Klingeler, R.
2020Novel Tellurite Glass (60-x)TeO2–10GeO2 -20ZnO–10BaO - xBi2O3 for Radiation ShieldingSayyed, M. I.; Ati, A. A.; Mhareb, M. H. A.; Mahmoud, K. A.; Kaky, K. M.; Baki, S. O.; Mahdi, M. A.
2021Physical, structural, and gamma ray shielding studies on novel (35+x) PbO-5TeO2-20Bi2O3-(20-x) MgO-20B2O3 glassesA. Al-Yousef, H.; Alotiby, M.; Kumar, A.; Alotaibi, B. M.; Alsaif, N. A. M.; Sayyed, M. I.; Mahmoud, K. A.; Al-Hadeethi, Y.
2014Structural defects induced by Fe-ion implantation in TiO2Leedahl, B.; Zatsepin, D. A.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Green, R. J.; McLeod, J. A.; Kim, S. S.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Cholakh, S. O.; Moewes, A.
2021Synthesis, physical, optical, mechanical, and radiation attenuation properties of TiO2–Na2O–Bi2O3–B2O3 glassesAbouhaswa, A. S.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Issa, S. A. M.; Rashad, M.; Pyshkina, M.; Tekin, H. O.; El-Mallawany, R.; Mostafa, M. Y. A.
2015XPS and DFT study of Sn incorporation into ZnO and TiO2 host matrices by pulsed ion implantationZatsepin, D. A.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Kim, S. S.; Cui, L.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Cholakh, S. O.