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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Accessibility of Energy from Renewable Energy Sources for Inhabitants of Arctic CitiesСтоянов, A. Д.; Сахарова, A. С.; Stoyanov, A. D.; Sakharova, A. S.
2013Analysis of the feasibility of reducing fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions and obtaining carbon credits with the use of sverdlovskaya-oblast factories as an exampleAnufriev, V. P.; Lisienko, V. G.; Kuligin, A. P.; Lapteva, A. V.; Chesnokov, Y. N.; Malikov, Y. K.; Ryzhova, T. P.
2022Associating Renewable Energy, Globalization, Agriculture, and Ecological Footprints: Implications for Sustainable Environment in South Asian CountriesWang, L.; Mehmood, U.; Agyekum, E. B.; Uhunamure, S. E.; Shale, K.
2017Atomic and electronic structure of a copper/graphene interface as prepared and 1.5 years afterBoukhvalov, D. W.; Bazylewski, P. F.; Kukharenko, A. I.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Ponosov, Y. S.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Cholakh, S. O.; Lee, Y. H.; Chang, G. S.
2021Beyond Environmental Kuznets Curve and Policy Implications to Promote Sustainable Development in MediterraneanGyamfi, B. A.; Adebayo, T. S.; Bekun, F. V.; Agyekum, E. B.; Kumar, N. M.; Alhelou, H. H.; Al-Hinai, A.
2022Can Financial Institutional Deepening and Renewable Energy Consumption Lower CO2 Emissions in G-10 Countries: Fresh Evidence from Advanced MethodologiesMehmood, U.; Tariq, S.; Haq, Z. U.; Agyekum, E. B.; Kamel, S.; Elnaggar, M.; Nawaz, H.; Hameed, A.; Ali, S.
2021Carbon and Oxygen Gas Exchange in Woody Debris: The Process and Climate-Related DriversMukhin, V. A.; Diyarova, D. K.; Gitarskiy, M. L.; Zamolodchikov, D. G.
2021CCGT Unit with a Carbonation System for CO2 CaptureMaslennikov, G. E.; Nazarova, V. V.; Lazebny, I. P.; Ryzhkov, A. F.
2021Changes in soil properties and carbon fluxes following afforestation and agriculture in tropical forestAhirwal, J.; Kumari, S.; Singh, A. K.; Kumar, A.; Maiti, S. K.
2017The CO2 absorption continuum by high pressure CRDS in the 1.74 µm windowMondelain, D.; Campargue, A.; Čermák, P.; Gamache, R. R.; Kassi, S.; Tashkun, S. A.; Tran, H.
2022CO2 behavior amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom: The role of renewable and non-renewable energy developmentAdebayo, T. S.; AbdulKareem, H. K. K.; Bilal Kirikkaleli, D.; Shah, M. I.; Abbas, S.
2019Computer-simulated thermodynamic behavior of radionuclides U, Cl, Pu, Be, Ni, Am when radioactive graphite is heated in a carbon dioxide atmosphereBarbin, N. M.; Sidash, I. A.; Terentyev, D. I.; Alekseev, S. G.
2013Corrosion-electrochemical behavior of nickel in an alkali metal carbonate melt under a chlorine-containing atmosphereNikitina, E. V.; Kudyakov, V. Y.; Malkov, V. B.; Plaksin, S. V.
2020Creation of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly energy sources on fossil fuels to address global climate issuesRyzhkov, A. F.; Bogatova, T. F.; Maslennikov, G. E.; Osipov, P. V.; Nizov, V. A.
2016Cu–CeO2 nanocomposites: mechanochemical synthesis, physico-chemical properties, CO-PROX activityBorchers, C.; Martin, M. L.; Vorobjeva, G. A.; Morozova, O. S.; Firsova, A. A.; Leonov, A. V.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Kukharenko, A. I.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Cholakh, S. O.
2022Does Globalization Cause Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Pakistan? A Promise to Enlighten the Value of Environmental QualityUllah, A.; Raza, K.; Nadeem, M.; Mehmood, U.; Agyekum, E. B.; Elnaggar, M. F.; Agbozo, E.; Kamel, S.
2021Dominance of Fossil Fuels in Japan’s National Energy Mix and Implications for Environmental SustainabilityAdebayo, T. S.; Awosusi, A. A.; Oladipupo, S. D.; Agyekum, E. B.; Jayakumar, A.; Kumar, N. M.
2022Drivers of Environmental Degradation in Turkey: Designing an SDG Framework Through Advanced Quantile ApproachesAdebayo, T. S.; Agyekum, E. B.; Kamel, S.; Zawbaa, H. M.; Altuntaş, M.
2022Dynamic effect of disintegrated energy consumption and economic complexity on environmental degradation in top economic complexity economiesAdebayo, T. S.; Altuntaş, M.; Goyibnazarov, S.; Agyekum, E. B.; Zawbaa, H. M.; Kamel, S.
2013Effect of hydration on conductivity of Ba4La x Ca2-X Nb2O11 + 0.5x (x = 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2) phasesKorona, D. V.; Kutikov, I. M.; Neiman, A. Y.