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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Catalytic Activity of Ni Nanotubes Covered with Nanostructured GoldShumskaya, A.; Panina, L.; Rogachev, A.; Ihnatovich, Z.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Zdorovets, M.; Kaniukov, E.; Korolkov, I.
2019Correlation between composition and electrodynamics properties in nanocomposites based on hard/soft ferrimagnetics with strong exchange couplingAlmessiere, M. A.; Trukhanov, A. V.; Slimani, Y.; You, K. Y.; Trukhanov, S. V.; Trukhanova, E. L.; Esa, F.; Sadaqati, A.; Chaudhary, K.; Zdorovets, M.; Baykal, A.
2018Depth profiles of aggregate centers and nanodefects in LiF crystals irradiated with 34 MeV 84Kr, 56 MeV 40Ar and 12 MeV 12C ionsDauletbekova, A.; Skuratov, V.; Kirilkin, N.; Manika, I.; Maniks, J.; Zabels, R.; Akilbekov, A.; Volkov, A.; Baizhumanov, M.; Zdorovets, M.; Seitbayev, A.
2022Detection of Polynitro Compounds at Low Concentrations by SERS Using Ni@Au NanotubesShumskaya, A.; Kozhina, E.; Bedin, S.; Andreev, S.; Kulesh, E.; Rogachev, A.; Yarmolenko, M.; Korolkov, I.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Zdorovets, M.; Belyaev, V.; Rodionova, V.; Panina, L.
2020Early-stage growth mechanism and synthesis conditions-dependent morphology of nanocrystalline bi films electrodeposited from perchlorate electrolyteTishkevich, D.; Grabchikov, S.; Zubar, T.; Vasin, D.; Trukhanov, S.; Vorobjova, A.; Yakimchuk, D.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Zdorovets, M.; Giniyatova, S.; Shimanovich, D.; Lyakhov, D.; Michels, D.; Dong, M.; Gudkova, S.; Trukhanov, A.
2020The effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of 2d nanostructured au/nife systemZubar, T.; Fedosyuk, V.; Tishkevich, D.; Kanafyev, O.; Astapovich, K.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Zdorovets, M.; Vinnik, D.; Gudkova, S.; Kaniukov, E.; Sombra, A. S. B.; Zhou, D.; Jotania, R. B.; Singh, C.; Trukhanov, S.; Trukhanov, A.
2019Effects of Irradiation Temperature on the Response of CeO2, ThO2, and UO2 to Highly Ionizing RadiationCureton, W. F.; Palomares, R. I.; Tracy, C. L.; O'Quinn, E. C.; Walters, J.; Zdorovets, M.; Ewing, R. C.; Toulemonde, M.; Lang, M.
2021Efficiency of magnetostatic protection using nanostructured permalloy shielding coatings depending on their microstructureZubar, T.; Grabchikov, S.; Kotelnikova, A.; Kaniukov, E.; Kutuzau, M.; Leistner, K.; Nielsch, K.; Vershinina, T.; Tishkevich, D.; Kanafyev, O.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Zdorovets, M.; Fedosyuk, V.; Trukhanov, A.
2020Electrochemical behaviour of Ti/Al2O3/Ni nanocomposite material in artificial physiological solution: Prospects for biomedical applicationVorobjova, A.; Tishkevich, D.; Shimanovich, D.; Zdorovets, M.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Zubar, T.; Vinnik, D.; Dong, M.; Trukhanov, S.; Trukhanov, A.; Fedosyuk, V.
2020Evolution of structural and magnetic parameters of nickel nanotubes under irradiation of Fe7+ionsShumskaya, A.; Kaniukov, E.; Shlimas, D.; Zdorovets, M.; Kozlovskiy, A.
2019Influence of deposition potential on structure of Zn-based nanotubesKadyrzhanov, D.; Zdorovets, M.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Kenzhina, I.; Petrov, A.; Kutuzau, M.; Kaniukov, E.; Shumskaya, E.
2021The influence of the synthesis conditions on the magnetic behaviour of the densely packed arrays of Ni nanowires in porous anodic alumina membranesVorobjova, A.; Tishkevich, D.; Shimanovich, D.; Zubar, T.; Astapovich, K.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Zdorovets, M.; Zhaludkevich, A.; Lyakhov, D.; Michels, D.; Vinnik, D.; Fedosyuk, V.; Trukhanov, A.
2020Latent tracks of swift Bi ions in Si3N4Van, Vuuren, A. J.; Ibrayeva, A.; Rymzhanov, R. A.; Zhalmagambetova, A.; O'Connell, J. H.; Skuratov, V. A.; Uglov, V. V.; Zlotski, S. V.; Volkov, A. E.; Zdorovets, M.
2021Magnetic Properties of the Densely Packed Ultra-Long Ni Nanowires Encapsulated in Alumina MembraneTishkevich, D.; Vorobjova, A.; Shimanovich, D.; Kaniukov, E.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Zdorovets, M.; Vinnik, D.; Turutin, A.; Kubasov, I.; Kislyuk, A.; Dong, M.; Sayyed, M. I.; Zubar, T.; Trukhanov, A.
2019Optimization of PET ion-track membranes parametersKutuzau, M.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Borgekov, D.; Kenzhina, I.; Zdorovets, M.; Chernik, A.; Alisienok, O.; Shumskaya, A.; Kaniukov, E.
2021Raman Study of Polycrystalline Si3N4 Irradiated with Swift Heavy IonsZhumazhanova, A.; Mutali, A.; Ibrayeva, A.; Skuratov, V.; Dauletbekova, A.; Korneeva, E.; Akilbekov, A.; Zdorovets, M.
2019Retraction notice to “Effect of swift heavy ions irradiation on AlN ceramics properties” [Ceramics International 44 (2018) 19787-19793](S0272884218319783)(10.1016/j.ceramint.2018.07.235)Kozlovskiy, A.; Dukenbayev, K.; Kenzhina, I.; Tosi, D.; Zdorovets, M.
2018A Simple Way to Control the Filling Degree of the SiO2/Si Template Pores With NickelYakimchuk, D.; Bundyukova, V.; Borgekov, D.; Zdorovets, M.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Khubezhov, S. A.; Magkoev, T. T.; Bliev, A. P.; Belonogov, E.; Demyanov, S.; Kaniukov, E.
2018SRIM Simulation of Carbon Ions Interaction with Ni NanotubesKaniukov, E.; Kutuzau, M.; Bundyukova, V.; Yakimchuk, D.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Borgekov, D.; Zdorovets, M.; Shlimas, D.; Shumskaya, A.
2021Study of Corrosion Resistance and Degradation Mechanisms in LiTiO2-Li2TiO3 CeramicShlimas, D.; Kozlovskiy, A. L.; Zdorovets, M.