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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Chemical solution deposition of BiFeO3 films with layer-by-layer control of the coverage and compositionAbramov, A.; Alikin, D.; Sobol, A.; Myakishev, D.; Slabov, V.; Trusov, L.; Safina, V.; Turygin, A.; Vasiliev, A.; Shur, V.; Kholkin, A.; Шур, В. Я.
2022A Comprehensive Study of Synthesis and Analysis of Anisotropic Iron Oxide and Oxyhydroxide NanoparticlesChernova, E.; Botvin, V.; Galstenkova, M.; Mukhortova, Y.; Wagner, D.; Gerasimov, E.; Surmeneva, M.; Kholkin, A.; Surmenev, R.
2022Comprehensive Study on the Reinforcement of Electrospun PHB Scaffolds with Composite Magnetic Fe3O4-rGO Fillers: Structure, Physico-Mechanical Properties, and Piezoelectric ResponsePryadko, A. S.; Mukhortova, Y. R.; Chernozem, R. V.; Shlapakova, L. E.; Wagner, D. V.; Romanyuk, K.; Gerasimov, E. Y.; Kholkin, A.; Surmenev, R. A.; Surmeneva, M. A.
2019Correlative confocal Raman and scanning probe microscopy in the ionically active particles of LiMn 2 O 4 cathodesAlikin, D.; Slautin, B.; Abramov, A.; Rosato, D.; Shur, V.; Tselev, A.; Kholkin, A.; Шур, В. Я.
2017Defect concentration in nitrogen-doped graphene grown on Cu substrate: A thickness effectSharma, D. K.; Fateixa, S.; Hortigüela, M. J.; Vidyasagar, R.; Otero-Irurueta, G.; Nogueira, H. I. S.; Singh, M. K.; Kholkin, A.
2023Effect of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Modified by Citric and Oleic Acids on the Physicochemical and Magnetic Properties of Hybrid Electrospun P(VDF-TrFE) ScaffoldsBotvin, V.; Fetisova, A.; Mukhortova, Y.; Wagner, D.; Kazantsev, S.; Surmeneva, M.; Kholkin, A.; Surmenev, R.
2019Elastic and piezoelectric properties of diphenylalanine microtubes with different filling of nanochannelsYuzhakov, V.; Nuraeva, A.; Zelenovskiy, P.; Chezganov, D.; Kholkin, A.; Shur, V.; Шур, В. Я.
2022Engineering of Pyroelectric Crystals Decoupled from Piezoelectricity as Illustrated by Doped α-GlycineDishon, Ben, Ami, S.; Ehre, D.; Ushakov, A.; Mehlman, T.; Brandis, A.; Alikin, D.; Shur, V.; Kholkin, A.; Lahav, M.; Lubomirsky, I.
2022Exploring Charged Defects in Ferroelectrics by the Switching Spectroscopy Piezoresponse Force MicroscopyAlikin, D.; Abramov, A.; Turygin, A.; Ievlev, A.; Pryakhina, V.; Karpinsky, D.; Hu, Q.; Jin, L.; Shur, V.; Tselev, A.; Kholkin, A.
2020Impact of Alkali Ions Codoping on Magnetic Properties of La(0.9)A(0.1)Mn(0.9)Co(0.1)O(3) (A: Li, K, Na) Powders and CeramicsGłuchowski, P.; Nikonkov, R.; Tomala, R.; Stręk, W.; Shulha, T.; Serdechnova, M.; Zarkov, A.; Murauskas, T.; Pakalaniškis, A.; Skaudžius, R.; Kareiva, A.; Kholkin, A.; Bushinsky, M.; Latushka, S.; Karpinsky, D.
2021Local Piezoelectric Properties of Doped Biomolecular CrystalsKholkin, A.; Alikin, D.; Shur, V.; Dishon, S.; Ehre, D.; Lubomirsky, I.
2020Magnetic properties of La0.9A0.1MnO3 (A: Li, Na, K) nanopowders and nanoceramicsGłuchowski, P.; Nikonkov, R.; Tomala, R.; Strek, W.; Shulha, T.; Serdechnova, M.; Zheludkevich, M.; Pakalaniškis, A.; Skaudžius, R.; Kareiva, A.; Abramov, A.; Kholkin, A.; Bushinsky, M. V.; Karpinsky, D.
2021Magnetoelectric Effect: Principles and Applications in Biology and Medicine– a ReviewKopyl, S.; Surmenev, R.; Surmeneva, M.; Fetisov, Y.; Kholkin, A.
2019Mn-Doped BaTiO3Ceramics: Thermal and electrical properties for multicaloric applicationsSemenov, A.; Dedyk, A.; Mylnikov, I.; Pakhomov, O.; Es'kov, A.; Anokhin, A.; Krylov, V.; Burovikhin, A.; Pavlova, Y.; Tselev, A.; Kholkin, A.
2021Modeling of Self-Assembled Peptide Nanotubes and Determination of Their Chirality Sign Based on Dipole Moment CalculationsBystrov, V.; Sidorova, A.; Lutsenko, A.; Shpigun, D.; Malyshko, E.; Nuraeva, A.; Zelenovskiy, P.; Kopyl, S.; Kholkin, A.
2019Optical, Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of La1−xNdxFeO3 Powders and CeramicsGłuchowski, P.; Oganisian, K.; Tomala, R.; Łukowiak, A.; Karpinsky, D.; Alikin, D.; Kholkin, A.; Stręk, W.
2017Piezoelectric poly(lactide) stereocomplexes with a cholinium organic ionic plastic crystalBarbosa, P.; Campos, J.; Turygin, A.; Shur, V. Y.; Kholkin, A.; Barros-Timmons, A.; Figueiredo, F. M.; Шур, В. Я.
2021Piezoresponse in ferroelectric materials under uniform electric field of electrodesUdalov, A.; Alikin, D.; Kholkin, A.
2020Raman spectra of diphenylalanine microtubes: Polarisation and temperature effectsKrylov, A.; Krylova, S.; Kopyl, S.; Krylov, A.; Salehli, F.; Zelenovskiy, P.; Vtyurin, A.; Kholkin, A.
2022Revealing Lithiation Kinetics and Battery Degradation Pathway in LiMn2O4-Based Commercial Cathodes via Electrochemical Strain MicroscopyAlikin, D.; Slautin, B.; Kholkin, A.