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Title: Non-financial stimulus for business in brics markets
Authors: Slukina, P. A.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: УрФУ
Citation: Slukina P. A. Non-financial stimulus for business in brics markets / P. A. Slukina. — Текст : электронный // Весенние дни науки : сборник докладов Международной конференции студентов и молодых ученых (Екатеринбург, 22–24 апреля 2021 г.). — Екатеринбург : УрФУ, 2021. — C. 66-71.
Abstract: The growth of economies with emerging markets is nowadays very important. Among others, a special role belongs to the BRICS, which are characterized by continuous development. The main force for such fast development is SME. In the study the main methods of non-financial business incentives in the BRICS countries were analyzed, then it was check if these methods are effective and, finally, the possibility of applying the experience of partner countries in the economic environment of Russia was explained.
Keywords: BRICS
Conference name: Международная конференция студентов и молодых ученых «Весенние дни науки»
Conference date: 22.04.2021-24.04.2021
ISBN: 978-5-91256-519-9
Origin: Весенние дни науки. — Екатеринбург, 2021
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