Научные публикации, проиндексированные в SCOPUS и WoS CC : [8029] Collection home page

В коллекции размещены научные публикации ученых УрФУ, отраженные в международных индексах цитирования SCOPUS и WoS CC. А так же публикации в российских переводных журналах.

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Submit DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-May-2022Recurrent Network Classifier for Ultrafast Skyrmion DynamicsDeviatov, A. Y.; Iakovlev, I. A.; Mazurenko, V. V.
12-May-2022Flux and Separation of Magneto-Active Superballs in Applied FieldsKaiser, M.; Kantorovich, S. S.
12-May-2022A Magneto-Reflectivity Study of CuGaSe2 Single CrystalsYakushev, M. V.; Mudryi, A. V.; Faugeras, C.; Martin, R. W.
12-May-2022Magnetic Behaviour of Non-Contacting Ni Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Vertically Aligned Carbon NanotubesGarcía, J. A.; Bertran, E.; Elbaile, L.; García-Céspedes, J.; Svalov, A.
12-May-2022Terahertz Photodetection with Type-II Dirac Fermions in Transition-Metal Ditellurides and Their HeterostructuresZhang, L.; Guo, C.; Kuo, C. -N.; Xu, H.; Zhang, K.; Ghosh, B.; De Santis, J.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Vobornik, I.; Paolucci, V.; Lue, C. S.; Xing, H.; Agarwal, A.; Wang, L.; Politano, A.
12-May-2022Phase Fluctuations in Two Coaxial Quasi-One-Dimensional Superconducting Cylindrical Surfaces Serving as a Model System for Superconducting Nanowire BundlesWong, C. H.; Wu, R. P. H.; Lortz, R.
12-May-20225f-Ligand Hybridization and Magnetism in UTX CompoundsSechovsky, V.; Havela, L.; Nozar, P.; Brück, E.; de Boer, F. R.; Menovsky, A. A.; Buschow, K. H. J.; Andreev, A. V.
12-May-2022High Field Magnetization of a NdCu2 Single CrystalSvoboda, P.; Javorský, P.; Diviš, M.; Sechovský, V.; Prokeš, K.; de Boer, F. R.; Andreev, A. V.; Bartashevich, M. I.; Torikachvili, M.; Nakotte, H.; Lacerda, A.; Sugawara, H.; Onuki, Y.
12-May-2022Modified Desolvation Method Enables Simple One-Step Synthesis of Gelatin Nanoparticles from Different Gelatin Types with Any Bloom ValuesKhramtsov, P.; Burdina, O.; Lazarev, S.; Novokshonova, A.; Bochkova, M.; Timganova, V.; Kiselkov, D.; Minin, A.; Zamorina, S.; Rayev, M.
12-May-2022Not Only Experience of Secondary Employment at University: Role of Higher Education in Reducing Labor Precarization of Young SpecialistsSushchenko, A. D.; Tarasyev, A. A.; Sandler, D. G.
12-May-2022Periodic Elements of the Free Idempotent Generated Semigroup on a Biordered SetEasdown, D.; Sapir, M. V.; Volkov, M. V.
12-May-2022Global and National Tracks of Mobility of Graduates of Educational Institutions in RussiaNovgorodtseva, A. N.; Sivkova, N. I.; Knysh, E. V.; Zavadski, M. B.
12-May-2022New Concepts of Media Science in the Sociocultural System of the Information CivilizationKirillova, N. B.
12-May-2022Transformation of Communications in the New (Modern) Digital University in the Context of Digital GlobalizationDiachkova, A. V.; Tomyuk, O. N.; Faizova, A. R.; Dudchik, A. Yu.
12-May-2022The Educational Potential of Podcasts in the Context of Formation Human Legal Culture: a New Format and New Opportunities Media SphereTomyuk, O. N.; Diachkova, A. V.; Kerimov, A. A.; Dudchik, A. Yu.
12-May-2022Students' Social Representations of Risks in Interacting with the Internet: Cross-Cultural Aspect (Russia, Brazil, Romania)Panov, V. I.; Patrakov, E. V.; Baturina, L. I.; Coman, C.; Frogeri, R. F.
12-May-2022Internal Well-Being as a Complex Dynamic SystemKarapetyan, L. V.; Glotova, G. A.
12-May-2022Hot Pressing of Ho2O3 and Dy2O3 Based Magneto-Optical CeramicsBalabanov, S.; Filofeev, S.; Kaygorodov, A.; Khrustov, V.; Kuznetsov, D.; Novikova, A.; Permin, D.; Popov, P.; Ivanov, M.
12-May-2022Testing Performance of Pr3+-doped KLuP2O7 upon UV-, Synchrotron X-Ray and Cathode-Ray ExcitationPustovarov, V. A.; Ivanovskikh, K. V.; Kiselev, S. A.; Trofimova, E. S.; Omelkov, S.; Bettinelli, M.
12-May-2022Effect of An Electron Beam Irradiation on Optical and Luminescence Properties of LiBaAlF6 Single CrystalsOgorodnikov, I. N.; Pustovarov, V. A.; Omelkov, S. I.; Kirm, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 8029