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Title: A Parallel Ugi Reaction at Students Laboratories in the Ural and Moscow
Authors: Mironov, M. A.
Babaev, E. V.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Pleiades Publishing Ltd
Citation: Mironov M. A. A Parallel Ugi Reaction at Students Laboratories in the Ural and Moscow / M. A. Mironov, E. V. Babaev // Russian Journal of General Chemistry. — 2010. — Vol. 80. — Iss. 12. — P. 2647-2654.
Abstract: A four-component Ugi reaction was adapted for students education. To this end, a series of almost odorless aromatic isonitriles with donor substituents was reacted with a specific carboxylic acid, phthaloyl glycine, to obtain poorly soluble (although nicely crystallized) products. The process was performed and compared in two versions by using (1) a standard centrifuge for parallel separation of precipitates and (2) parallel filtration with SynCore apparatus. It is shown for a broad series of aliphatic ketones and benzyl amines that the yields are satisfactory and the products require no further purification. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2010.
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SCOPUS ID: 79951482175
ISSN: 1070-3632
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