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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Dendritic growth velocities in an undercooled melt of pure nickel under static magnetic fields: A test of theory with convectionGao, J.; Han, M.; Kao, A.; Pericleous, K.; Alexandrov, D. V.; Galenko, P. K.
2019Development of an Information Modeling System of Coal-Dust Fuel Injection into Tuyeres of a Blast FurnaceShvydkii, V. S.; Kudelin, S. P.; Gurin, I. A.; Noskov, V. Y.
2018Effect of travelling magnetic field inductor characteristics on the liquid metal flow in a rectangular cellShvydkiy, E.; Kolesnichenko, I.; Khalilov, R.; Pavlinov, A.; Losev, G.
2018Effects of Sliding Velocity and Thermal Conduction of the Tool on X20Cr4 Steel Friction Coefficient and Structure in Nanostructuring BurnishingKuznetsov, V. P.; Skorobogatov, A. S.; Lobanov, M. L.; Yurovskih, A. S.; Khadyev, M. S.; Karabanalov, M. S.
2014Evaluation of the Debye temperature for iron cores in human liver ferritin and its pharmaceutical analogue, Ferrum Lek, using Mössbauer spectroscopyDubiel, S. M.; Cieślak, J.; Alenkina, I. V.; Oshtrakh, M. I.; Semionkin, V. A.
2017Experimental investigation of hydrodynamics flow characteristics around a sphere using particle image velocimetry (PIV)Akram H. Abed; Shcheklein, S. E.; Nikitin, A. D.; Акрам Абед; Щеклеин, С. Е.; Никитин, А. Д.
2020Field-induced circulation flow in magnetic fluidsMusickhin, A.; Zubarev, A. Y.; Raboisson-Michel, M.; Verger-Dubois, G.; Kuzhir, P.
2021Finding Type and Location of the Source of Cardiac Arrhythmias from the Averaged Flow Velocity Field Using the Determinant-trace MethodLi, Q. -H.; Van Nieuwenhuyse, E.; Xia, Y. -X.; Pan, J. -T.; Duytschaever, M.; Knecht, S.; Vandersickel, N.; Zhou, C.; Panfilov, A. V.; Zhang, H.
2020The Influence of the Direction of the Channels of the Gas Swirlers on the Properties of the Flow of the Plasma Jet under Implementation Theoretical Basis and Technical Solutions for Recycling Technogenic WasteOkulov, R. A.; Sarsadskikh, K. I.; Ilinykh, S. A.; Zakharov, M. N.
2013The influence of the gas-distributing grid diameter on the transition velocity and hydrodynamics of the bottom layer in circulating fluidized bed installationsTuponogov, V. G.; Baskakov, A. P.
2018Kinematics of dense gas in the L1495 filamentPunanova, A.; Caselli, P.; Pineda, J. E.; Pon, A.; Tafalla, M.; Hacar, A.; Bizzocchi, L.
2022Modeling of Efficient Control Strategies for LCC-HVDC Systems: A Case Study of Matiari–Lahore HVDC Power Transmission LineAhmed, A.; Khan, D.; Khan, A. M.; Mustafa, M. U.; Panjwani, M. K.; Hanan, M.; Agyekum, E. B.; Uhunamure, S. E.; Edokpayi, J. N.
2018Nonlinear dynamics of mushy layers induced by external stochastic fluctuationsAlexandrov, D. V.; Bashkirtseva, I. A.; Ryashko, L. B.
2022A Novel Laser-Based Zebrafish Model for Studying Traumatic Brain Injury and Its Molecular TargetsTikhonova, M. A.; Maslov, N. A.; Bashirzade, A. A.; Nehoroshev, E. V.; Babchenko, V. Y.; Chizhova, N. D.; Tsibulskaya, E. O.; Akopyan, A. A.; Markova, E. V.; Yang, Y. -L.; Lu, K. -T.; Kalueff, A. V.; Aftanas, L. I.; Amstislavskaya, T. G.
2017Planar infall of CH3 OH gas around Cepheus A HW2Sanna, A.; Moscadelli, L.; Surcis, G.; Van, Langevelde, H. J.; Torstensson, K. J. E.; Sobolev, A. M.
2022SOLIS: XVI. Mass ejection and time variability in protostellar outflows: Cep EDe Schutzer, A. A.; Rivera-Ortiz, P. R.; Lefloch, B.; Gusdorf, A.; Favre, C.; Segura-Cox, D.; López-Sepulcre, A.; Neri, R.; Ospina-Zamudio, J.; De Simone, M.; Codella, C.; Viti, S.; Podio, L.; Pineda, J.; Oa'donoghue, R.; Ceccarelli, C.; Caselli, P.; Alves, F.; Bachiller, R.; Balucani, N.; Bianchi, E.; Bizzocchi, L.; Bottinelli, S.; Caux, E.; Chacón-Tanarro, A.; Dulieu, F.; Enrique-Romero, J.; Fontani, F.; Feng, S.; Holdship, J.; Jiménez-Serra, I.; Jaber, Al-Edhari, A.; Kahane, C.; Lattanzi, V.; Oya, Y.; Punanova, A.; Rimola, A.; Sakai, N.; Spezzano, S.; Sims, I. R.; Taquet, V.; Testi, L.; Theulé, P.; Ugliengo, P.; Vastel, C.; Vasyunin, A. I.; Vazart, F.; Yamamoto, S.; Witzel, A.
2020Spiral arms and instability within the AFGL 4176 mm1 discJohnston, K. G.; Hoare, M. G.; Beuther, H.; Kuiper, R.; Kee, N. D.; Linz, H.; Boley, P.; Maud, L. T.; Ahmadi, A.; Robitaille, T. P.
2018Temperature influence on the effectiveness of gas-vortex stabilization in plasma torchesAnakhov, S. V.; Pyckin, Yu. A.; Matushkin, A. V.
2020Thin interface limit of the double-sided phase-field model with convectionSubhedar, A.; Galenko, P. K.; Varnik, F.
2021Transition from coherent cores to surrounding cloud in L1688Choudhury, S.; Pineda, J. E.; Caselli, P.; Offner, S. S. R.; Rosolowsky, E.; Friesen, R. K.; Redaelli, E.; Chacón-Tanarro, A.; Shirley, Y.; Punanova, A.; Kirk, H.