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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Aberrant Ganglioside Functions to Underpin Dysregulated Myelination, Insulin Signalling, and Cytokine Expression: Is There a Link and a Room for Therapy?Svirin, E.; de Munter, J.; Umriukhin, A.; Sheveleva, E.; Kalueff, A. V.; Svistunov, A.; Morozov, S.; Walitza, S.; Strekalova, T.
2021Altered Behaviour, Dopamine and Norepinephrine Regulation in Stressed Mice Heterozygous in TPH2 GeneStrekalova, T.; Svirin, E.; Waider, J.; Gorlova, A.; Cespuglio, R.; Kalueff, A.; Pomytkin, I.; Schmitt-Boehrer, A. G.; Lesch, K. -P.; Anthony, D. C.
2023Analysis of Experimental Data on Changes in Various Structures and Functions of the Rat Brain following Intranasal Administration of Fe2O3 NanoparticlesMinigalieva, I. A.; Ryabova, Y. V.; Shelomencev, I. G.; Amromin, L. A.; Minigalieva, R. F.; Sutunkova, Y. M.; Privalova, L. I.; Sutunkova, M. P.
2020Behavioral and Dopamine Transporter Binding Properties of the Modafinil Analog (S, S)-CE-158: Reversal of the Motivational Effects of Tetrabenazine and Enhancement of Progressive Ratio RespondingRotolo, R. A.; Kalaba, P.; Dragacevic, V.; Presby, R. E.; Neri, J.; Robertson, E.; Yang, J. -H.; Correa, M.; Bakulev, V.; Volkova, N. N.; Pifl, C.; Lubec, G.; Salamone, J. D.
2023Biochemical Responses to the Long-Term Impact of Copper Sulfate (CuSO4) in Tobacco PlantsTugbaeva, A. S.; Ermoshin, A. A.; Kiseleva, I. S.
2018Cell Size and Morphological Properties of Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae in Relation to Growth TemperatureZakhartsev, M.; Reuss, M.
2019A co-expression network for differentially expressed genes in bladder cancer and a risk score model for predicting survivalChen, Z.; Liu, G.; Hossain, A.; Danilova, I. G.; Bolkov, M. A.; Liu, G.; Tuzankina, I. A.; Tan, W.
2013Comparative analysis of hemoglobin content in four species of anurans from the Ural uplandsVershinin, V. L.; Vershinina, S. D.
2013Comparative study of the iron cores in human liver ferritin, its pharmaceutical models and ferritin in chicken liver and spleen tissues using Mössbauer spectroscopy with a high velocity resolutionAlenkina, I. V.; Oshtrakh, M. I.; Klepova, Y. V.; Dubiel, S. M.; Sadovnikov, N. V.; Semionkin, V. A.
2022Computational Analysis of MolnupiravirSharov, A. V.; Burkhanova, T. M.; Tok, T. T.; Babashkina, M. G.; Safin, D. A.
2022Disruption of a Conservative Motif in the C-Terminal Loop of the KCNQ1 Channel Causes LQT SyndromeKarlova, M.; Abramochkin, D. V.; Pustovit, K. B.; Nesterova, T.; Novoseletsky, V.; Loussouarn, G.; Zaklyazminskaya, E.; Sokolova, O. S.
2020Effect of ischemic preconditioning and a Kv7 channel blocker on cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury in ratsCorydon, K. K.; Matchkov, V.; Fais, R.; Abramochkin, D.; Hedegaard, E. R.; Comerma-Steffensen, S.; Simonsen, U.
2022Enhanced Aggression, Reduced Self-Grooming Behavior and Altered 5-HT Regulation in the Frontal Cortex in Mice Lacking Trace Amine-Associated Receptor 1 (TAAR1)Zhukov, I. S.; Karpova, I. V.; Krotova, N. A.; Tissen, I. Y.; Demin, K. A.; Shabanov, P. D.; Budygin, E. A.; Kalueff, A. V.; Gainetdinov, R. R.
2023Forward Genetics-Based Approaches to Understanding the Systems Biology and Molecular Mechanisms of EpilepsyShevlyakov, A. D.; Kolesnikova, T. O.; de, Abreu, M. S.; Petersen, E. V.; Yenkoyan, K. B.; Demin, K. A.; Kalueff, A. V.
2023Hormonal and inflammatory modulatory effects of hesperidin in hyperthyroidism-modeled ratsAshry, M.; Askar, H.; Obiedallah, M. M.; Elankily, A. H.; Galal, El-Sahra, D.; Zayed, G.; Mustafa, M. A.; El-Shamy, S. A. E. -M.; Negm, S. A.; El-Beltagy, M. A.; Abdel-Wahhab, K. G.; Ene, A.
2016Improving treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders: Recommendations based on preclinical studiesHomberg, J. R.; Kyzar, E. J.; Stewart, A. M.; Nguyen, M.; Poudel, M. K.; Echevarria, D. J.; Collier, A. D.; Gaikwad, S.; Klimenko, V. M.; Norton, W.; Pittman, J.; Nakamura, S.; Koshiba, M.; Yamanouchi, H.; Apryatin, S. A.; Scattoni, M. L.; Diamond, D. M.; Ullmann, J. F. P.; Parker, M. O.; Brown, R. E.; Song, C.; Kalueff, A. V.
2021In Silico Simulations Reveal That Ryr Distribution Affects the Dynamics of Calcium Release in Cardiac MyocytesIaparov, B. I.; Zahradnik, I.; Moskvin, A. S.; Zahradníková, A.
2022Indolylazine Derivative Induces Chaperone Expression in Aged Neural Cells and Prevents the Progression of Alzheimer’s DiseaseLazarev, V. F.; Dutysheva, E. A.; Mikhaylova, E. R.; Trestsova, M. A.; Utepova, I. A.; Chupakhin, O. N.; Margulis, B. A.; Guzhova, I. V.
2013Influence of exogenous urea on photosynthetic pigments, 14CO2 uptake, and urease activity in Elodea densa-environmental implicationsMaleva, M.; Borisova, G.; Chukina, N.; Nekrasova, G.; Prasad, M. N. V.
2018Inhibition of AT1 receptors by losartan affects myocardial slow force response in healthy but not in monocrotaline-treated young ratsLookin, O.; Balakin, A.; Protsenko, Y.