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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Application of Water-Air Cooling Technologies for Heat Treatment of Bearing RingsYaroshenko, Y. G.; Lipunov, Y. I.; Smakhanov, A. B.; Stolyarova, M. V.
2015Characterization of TiAlSiON coatings deposited by plasma enhanced magnetron sputtering: XRD, XPS, and DFT studiesKamenetskih, A. S.; Kukharenko, A. I.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Skorikov, N. A.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Cholakh, S. O.; Chukin, A. V.; Zainullina, V. M.; Korotin, M. A.
2019Effect of Nb and Cu on the microstructure and hardness of quenching–partitioning–tempering dual-phase steelsZheng, H.; Wu, K. M.; Isayev, O.; Hress, O.; Yershov, S.; Tsepelev, V.
2019Effect of Nitrogen Implantation on the Structure and Properties of Austenitic Corrosion-Resistant SteelsAsanova, D.; Vasiliev, A.; Ozerets, N.; Berezovskaya, V.; Pavlov, M.
2017Effect of the method for producing Cu-Cr3C2 bulk composites on the structure and propertiesEryomina, M. A.; Lomayeva, S. F.; Paranin, S. N.; Demakov, S. L.; Yelsukov, E. P.
2020Evaluation of Microstructure and Hardness of Novel Al-Fe-Ni Alloys with High Thermal Stability for Laser Additive ManufacturingLoginova, I. S.; Sazerat, M. V.; Loginov, P. A.; Pozdniakov, A. V.; Popov, N. A.; Solonin, A. N.
2023Evaluation of the Influence of Grain Sizes of Nanostructured WO3 Ceramics on the Resistance to Radiation-Induced SofteningKadyrzhanov, D. B.; Kozlovskiy, A. L.; Zdorovets, M. V.; Kenzhina, I. E.; Shlimas, D. I.
2019Evaluation of the microstructure and mechanical properties of a new modified cast and laser-melted AA7075 alloyKhalil, A. M.; Loginova, I. S.; Pozdniakov, A. V.; Mosleh, A. O.; Solonin, A. N.
2021Features of Structure Formation in an Al–Fe–Mn Alloy upon Crystallization with Various Cooling RatesLoginova, I. S.; Sazerat, M. V.; Popov, N. A.; Pozdniakov, A. V.; Solonin, A. N.
2023Homogeneity, metallurgical, mechanical, wear, and corrosion behavior of Ni and B4C coatings deposited on 304 stainless steels developed by microwave cladding techniqueDwivedi, S. P.; Sharma, S.; Srivastava, A. P.; Sethi, V. A.; Mohammed, K. A.; Kumar, A.; Khan, M. I.; Abbas, M.; Tag-Eldin, E. M.
2021Influence of Adding Modifying Elements and Homogenization Annealing on Laser Melting Process of the Modified Alznmgcu with 4%si AlloysMosleh, A. O.; Khalil, A. M.; Loginova, I. S.; Solonin, A. N.
2019Investigation of Changes in the Resistance to Deformation of Low-Carbon Steel in the Process of Flow FormingUdalov, A.; Udalov, A.
2023Low-Temperature Predicted Structures of Ag2S (Silver Sulfide)Sadovnikov, S. I.; Kostenko, M. G.; Gusev, A. I.; Lukoyanov, A. V.
2013Measurement of young's modulus and hardness of Al-50 wt % Sn alloy phases using nanoindentationChikova, O. A.; Shishkina, E. V.; Konstantinov, A. N.
2022Mechanisms of elastoplastic deformation and their effect on hardness of nanogranular Ni-Fe coatingsZubar, T. I.; Fedosyuk, V. M.; Tishkevich, D. I.; Panasyuk, M. I.; Kanafyev, O. D.; Kozlovskiy, A.; Zdorovets, M.; Michels, D.; Lyakhov, D.; Trukhanov, A. V.
2023The Microstructure and Properties of Ni-Si-La2O3 Coatings Deposited on 304 Stainless Steel by Microwave CladdingDwivedi, S. P.; Sharma, S.; Sharma, K. P.; Kumar, A.; Agrawal, A.; Singh, R.; Eldin, S. M.
2012Modeling metal-shaping operations in DEFORM-3D in order to efficiently design production processesKaramyshev, A. P.; Nekrasov, I. I.; Parshin, V. S.; Fedulov, A. A.; Pugin, A. I.
2017Nanoindentation and wear properties of Ti and Ti-TiB composite materials produced by selective laser meltingAttar, H.; Ehtemam-Haghighi, S.; Kent, D.; Okulov, I. V.; Wendrock, H.; Bӧnisch, M.; Volegov, A. S.; Calin, M.; Eckert, J.; Dargusch, M. S.
2019Nanoindentation of Phase and Structural Components of Pallasite Seymchan (PMG)Brusnitsina, E.; Muftakhetdinova, R.; Yakovlev, G.; Grokhovsky, V.
2023Plasma Enhanced High-Rate Deposition of Advanced Film Materials by Metal Reactive Evaporation in Organosilicon VaporsMenshakov, A.; Bruhanova, Y.; Skorynina, P.; Medvedev, A.