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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Analysis and characterization of opto-electronic properties of iron oxide (Fe2O3) with transition metals (Co, Ni) for the use in the photodetector applicationSaleem, S.; Ashiq, M. N.; Manzoor, S.; Ali, U.; Liaqat, R.; Algahtani, A.; Mujtaba, S.; Tirth, V.; Alsuhaibani, A. M.; Refat, M. S.; Ali, A.; Aslam, M.; Zaman, A.
2015The characterization of Co-nanoparticles supported on grapheneBazylewski, P.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Kukharenko, A. I.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Hunt, A.; Moewes, A.; Lee, Y. H.; Cholakh, S. O.; Chang, G. S.
2015Co/Cu/Co pseudo spin-valve system prepared by magnetron sputtering with different argon pressureSvalov, A. V.; Sorokin, A. N.; Savin, P. A.; García-Arribas, A.; Fernández, A.; Vas'Kovskiy, V. O.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.
2013Cobalt-doped Bi26Mo10O69: Crystal structure and conductivityMikhailovskaya, Z. A.; Buyanova, E. S.; Petrova, S. A.; Morozova, M. V.; Zhukovskiy, V. M.; Zakharov, R. G.; Tarakina, N. V.; Berger, I. F.
2022Coulomb correlations and magnetic properties of L10 FeCo: A DFT+DMFT studyBelozerov, A. S.; Katanin, A. A.; Anisimov, V. I.
2021Effect of cobalt content on the properties of quintuple perovskites Sm2Ba3Fe5-xCoxO15-δGolovachev, I. B.; Mychinko, M. Y.; Volkova, N. E.; Gavrilova, L. Y.; Raveau, B.; Maignan, A.; Cherepanov, V. A.
2019Effect of laser heat treatment on structure and wear resistance of cobalt stelliteFurman, E. L.; Usoltsev, E. A.; Bakhteev, I. S.; Furman, I. E.; Shak, A. V.
2014Electronic band gap reduction and intense luminescence in Co and Mn ion-implanted SiO2Green, R. J.; Zatsepin, D. A.; St. , Onge, D. J.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Zatsepin, A. F.; Moewes, A.
2016Exceptional Layered Ordering of Cobalt and Iron in PerovskitesLebedev, O. I.; Turner, S.; Caignaert, V.; Cherepanov, V. A.; Raveau, B.
2023Experimental investigations of electrodeposited Zn-Ni, Zn-Co, and Ni-Cr-Co-based novel coatings on AA7075 substrate to ameliorate the mechanical, abrasion, morphological, and corrosion properties for automotive applicationsSundaramali, G.; Aiyasamy, J. P.; Karthikeyan, S.; Kandavel, T. K.; Arulmurugan, B.; Rajkumar, S.; Sharma, S.; Li, C.; Dwivedi, S. P.; Kumar, A.; Singh, R.; Eldin, S. M.
2003Influence of Rare-earth Ion Radii on the Low-spin to Intermediate-spin State Transition in Lanthanide Cobaltite Perovskites: LaCoO3 Versus HoCoO3Nekrasov, I. A.; Streltsov, S. V.; Korotin, M. A.; Anisimov, V. I.
2019The influence of the interlayer on the magnetic and structural properties of three-layer systemsShalygina, E.; Kharlamova, A.; Efremova, S.; Makarov, A.; Kurlyandskaya, G.; Svalov, A.
2020Magnetic and microwave properties of SrFe12O19/MCe0.04Fe1.96O4 (M = Cu, Ni, Mn, Co and Zn) hard/soft nanocompositesAlgarou, N. A.; Slimani, Y.; Almessiere, M. A.; Alahmari, F. S.; Vakhitov, M. G.; Klygach, D. S.; Trukhanov, S. V.; Trukhanov, A. V.; Baykal, A.
2016The mathematical description of the electrosynthesis of composites of oxy-hydroxycompounds cobalt with polypyrrole overooxidazedTkach, V.; Oliveira de, C. S.; Maia, J.; Soares, B. Gunter; Ojani, R.; Yagodinez, P. I.
2012Morphology of ultrafine cobalt and nickel powdersKurlov, A. S.; Gusev, A. I.; Rempel, A. A.
2011Non-Linear Viscoelastic Response of Magnetic Fiber Suspensions in Oscillatory ShearKuzhir, P.; Gómez-Ramírez, A.; López-López, M. T.; Bossis, G.; Zubarev, A. Y.
2016Orbitally induced hierarchy of exchange interactions in the zigzag antiferromagnetic state of honeycomb silver delafossite Ag3Co2SbO6Zvereva, E. A.; Stratan, M. I.; Ushakov, A. V.; Nalbandyan, V. B.; Shukaev, I. L.; Silhanek, A. V.; Abdel-Hafiez, M.; Streltsov, S. V.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2006The Role of Transition Metal Impurities and Oxygen Vacancies in the Formation of Ferromagnetism in Co-doped TiO2Anisimov, V. I.; Korotin, M. A.; Nekrasov, I. A.; Mylnikova, A. S.; Lukoyanov, A. V.; Wang, J. L.; Zeng, Z.
2006The role of transition metal impurities and oxygen vacancies in the formation of ferromagnetism in Co-doped TiO2Anisimov, V. I.; Korotin, M. A.; Nekrasov, I. A.; Mylnikova, A. S.; Lukoyanov, A. V.; Wang, J. L.; Zeng, Z.
2022Selective Recovery of Cadmium, Cobalt, and Nickel from Spent Ni–Cd Batteries Using Adogen® 464 and Mesoporous Silica DerivativesWeshahy, A. R.; Sakr, A. K.; Gouda, A. A.; Atia, B. M.; Somaily, H. H.; Hanfi, M. Y.; Sayyed, M. I.; El Sheikh, R.; El-Sheikh, E. M.; Radwan, H. A.; Cheira, M. F.; Gado, M. A.