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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Age-Related Differences in Reaction Time Task Performance in Young ChildrenKiselev, S.; Espy, K. A.; Sheffield, T.
2021Alcohol dose in septal ablation for hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathyVeselka, J.; Faber, L.; Liebregts, M.; Cooper, R.; Januska, J.; Kashtanov, M.; Dabrowski, M.; Hansen, P. R.; Seggewiss, H.; Bonaventura, J.; Polakova, E.; Hansvenclova, E.; Bundgaard, H.; ten, Berg, J.; Stables, R. H.; Jarkovsky, J.; Jensen, M. K.
2022Anamnestic, clinical and laboratory features of the acute period of ischemic stroke in young patientsGusev, V. V.; Kovtun, O. P.; Lvova, O. A.; Partylova, E. A.; Sergeev, A. P.; Sergeeva, M. V.; Yanchuk, I. T.; Dobrazova, D. A.; Suvorkov, P. A.; Shamalov, N. A.
2022Association between food addiction and time perspective during COVID-19 isolationBorisenkov, M. F.; Popov, S. V.; Smirnov, V. V.; Gubin, D. G.; Petrov, I. M.; Vasilkova, T. N.; Solovieva, S. V.; Martinson, E. A.; Pecherkina, A. A.; Dorogina, O. I.; Symaniuk, E. E.
2020Behavioral and Dopamine Transporter Binding Properties of the Modafinil Analog (S, S)-CE-158: Reversal of the Motivational Effects of Tetrabenazine and Enhancement of Progressive Ratio RespondingRotolo, R. A.; Kalaba, P.; Dragacevic, V.; Presby, R. E.; Neri, J.; Robertson, E.; Yang, J. -H.; Correa, M.; Bakulev, V.; Volkova, N. N.; Pifl, C.; Lubec, G.; Salamone, J. D.
2020A case report of dopa-responsive dystonia in a young womanBelykh, N. A.; Akhkyamova, M. A.; Gusev, V. V.; Lvova, O. A.
2019Classical conditioning in oddball paradigm: A comparison between aversive and name conditioningPavlov, Y. G.; Kotchoubey, B.
2021A combined Langendorff-injection technique for simultaneous isolation of single cardiomyocytes from atria and ventricles of the rat heartButova, X. A.; Myachina, T. A.; Khokhlova, A. D.
2022The Coronary Sinus and Adjacent Structures in Human Adult Hearts: Morphometrical Cadaveric AnatomyDmitrieva, E. G.; Gaponov, A. A.; Khatsko, S. L.; Iakimov, A. A.
2020Creation and application of virtual patient cohorts of heart modelsNiederer, S. A.; Aboelkassem, Y.; Cantwell, C. D.; Corrado, C.; Coveney, S.; Cherry, E. M.; Delhaas, T.; Fenton, F. H.; Panfilov, A. V.; Pathmanathan, P.; Plank, G.; Riabiz, M.; Roney, C. H.; Dos, Santos, R. W.; Wang, L.
2021Cx43 hemichannel microdomain signaling at the intercalated disc enhances cardiac excitabilityde, Smet, M. A. J.; Lissoni, A.; Nezlobinsky, T.; Wang, N.; Dries, E.; Pérez-Hernández, M.; Lin, X.; Amoni, M.; Vervliet, T.; Witschas, K.; Rothenberg, E.; Bultynck, G.; Schulz, R.; Panfilov, A. V.; Delmar, M.; Sipido, K. R.; Leybaert, L.
2021Defining muscle-invasive bladder cancer immunotypes by introducing tumor mutation burden, CD8+ T cells, and molecular subtypesChen, Z.; Liu, G.; Liu, G.; Bolkov, M. A.; Shinwari, K.; Tuzankina, I. A.; Chereshnev, V. A.; Wang, Z.
2022Diagnostic Criteria for Acute Headache Attributed to Ischemic Stroke and for Sentinel Headache Before Ischemic StrokeLebedeva, E. R.; Ushenin, A. V.; Gurary, N. M.; Gilev, D. V.; Olesen, J.
2021Effects of a vibrational proprioceptive stimulation on recovery phase after maximal incremental cycle testCoscia, F.; Gigliotti, P. V.; Foued, S.; Piratinskij, A.; Pietrangelo, T.; Verratti, V.; Diemberger, I.; Fanò-Illic, G.
2020The Effects of Mechanical Preload on Transmural Differences in Mechano-Calcium-Electric Feedback in Single Cardiomyocytes: Experiments and Mathematical ModelsKhokhlova, A.; Konovalov, P.; Iribe, G.; Solovyova, O.; Katsnelson, L.
2020The electrophysiological underpinnings of variation in verbal working memory capacityPavlov, Y. G.; Kotchoubey, B.
2021Ethical issues of decision making and communication in health care: An intercultural and interfaith perspectiveGrunt, E.; Ivanov, A.; Zubko, E.; Starostin, V.
2021Evaluation of the Long-term Effectiveness of Cardiac Resynchronization TherapyChumarnaya, T. V.; Lyubimtseva, T. A.; Solodushkin, S. I.; Lebedeva, V. K.; Lebedev, D. S.; Solovieva, O. E.
2021Event-Related Potentials in an Associative Word Pair Learning ParadigmFarshad, M.; Pavlov, Y. G.; Kotchoubey, B.
2021Geographical Distribution, Incidence, Malignancies, and Outcome of 136 Eastern Slavic Patients With Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome and NBN Founder Variant c.657_661del5Sharapova, S. O.; Pashchenko, O. E.; Bondarenko, A. V.; Vakhlyarskaya, S. S.; Prokofjeva, T.; Fedorova, A. S.; Savchak, I.; Mareika, Y.; Valiev, T. T.; Popa, A.; Tuzankina, I. A.; Vlasova, E. V.; Sakovich, I. S.; Polyakova, E. A.; Rumiantseva, N. V.; Naumchik, I. V.; Kulyova, S. A.; Aleshkevich, S. N.; Golovataya, E. I.; Minakovskaya, N. V.; Belevtsev, M. V.; Latysheva, E. A.; Latysheva, T. V.; Beznoshchenko, A. G.; Akopyan, H.; Makukh, H.; Kozlova, O.; Varabyou, D. S.; Ballow, M.; Ong, M. -S.; Walter, J. E.; Kondratenko, I. V.; Kostyuchenko, L. V.; Aleinikova, O. V.