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Title: Development Of Software–Hardware System for Real Time Simulation of Electric Power System with Smart Grids
Authors: Suvorov, A. A.
Gusev, A. S.
Borovikov, Y. S.
Sulaymanov, A. O.
Andreev, M. V.
Ruban, N. Y.
Ufa, R. A.
Razzhivin, I. A.
Bay, Y. D.
Stavitsky, S. A.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Knowledge E
Citation: Development Of Software–Hardware System for Real Time Simulation of Electric Power System with Smart Grids / A. A. Suvorov, A. S. Gusev, Y. S. Borovikov, A. O. Sulaymanov, M. V. Andreev, N. Y. Ruban, R. A. Ufa, I. A. Razzhivin, Y. D. Bay, S. A. Stavitsky // Russian Forum of Young Scientists (RFYS) (Ekaterinburg, Russia, 27–28 April , 2017). – Dubai : Knowledge E, 2018. – KnE Engineering, 3 (5). – pp. 139-146. – DOI 10.18502/keg.v3i4.2236
Abstract: The design and research of electric power system (EPS) with smart grids (SG), which are the current world trend of modern electric power industry, requires solving a large number of non-trivial tasks. The developed technical solutions and used equipment are novel for the world practice. Therefore, their implementation requires careful analysis and an individual approach to research that provides an assessment of the impact of new network elements on the power system. All of this puts requirements on the tools and methods of research used to solve such problems. At present, digital systems for modelling EPS with SG based on the application of numerical methods are used as such tools. However, despite the high level of these developments, it has drawbacks. The use of incomplete and invalid information obtained by digital tools can lead to the wrong design and operational decision in real power system, which can cause blackouts. The alternative approach for solving the problem of detailed simulation of EPS with SG is the creation of hybrid system based on the principle of combining different modelling methods. Hybrid Real-Time Power System Simulator (HRTSim) is developed based on this approach and presented in the paper.
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Conference name: Russian Forum of Young Scientists (RFYS)
Conference date: 27.04.2017-28.04.2017
ISSN: 2518-6841
DOI: 10.18502/keg.v3i4.2236
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This work was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation under the governmental grant “Science” 13.5852.2017/BCH (Development of the concept for comprehensive validation of calculating modes and processes in electric power system and tools of its realization).
Origin: Russian Forum of Young Scientists (RFYS). — Ekaterinburg, 2018
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