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Title: Stop Bleeding Mobile Device "Plasmamed" Based on Low-temperature Gas Plasma
Authors: Gareev, B.
Kazaev, E.
Timofeev, A.
Pestov, V.
Eremenko, V.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Knowledge E
Citation: Stop Bleeding Mobile Device "Plasmamed" Based on Low-temperature Gas Plasma / B. Gareev, E. Kazaev, A. Timofeev, V. Pestov, V. Eremenko // III Annual International Conference "Systems Engineering" (Ekaterinburg, Russia, 11-13 December, 2019). – Dubai : Knowledge E, 2020. – KnE Engineering, 5 (3). – pp. 110-115. – DOI 10.18502/keg.v5i3.6767
Abstract: Creation of a mobile device to stop bleeding, sterilize biological tissues and other surfaces (bandages), disinfect food, beverages, air, and stimulate rapid healing of wound surfaces is observed in this article. Plasmomed is based on the current (available) technologies of medical application of low-temperature atmospheric pressure plasma. The multi-digit combined plasma gun is created as part of the developed mobile device which is designed to achieve a coagulation effect, to stimulate accelerated healing of wound surfaces based on the use of low-temperature gas plasma of atmospheric pressure, which allows for effective hemostasis of wound surfaces with simultaneous sterilization of surrounding tissues and dressing materials. In addition, due to the using several types of high-frequency electromagnetic plasma production in one device, it was possible to significantly simplify the final product, to automate its operation modes, which provides mass-dimensional characteristics for its mobile use.
Keywords: PLASMA
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Conference name: III Annual International Conference "System Engineering"
Conference date: 11.12.2019-13.12.2019
ISSN: 2518-6841
DOI: 10.18502/keg.v5i3.6767
Origin: III Annual International Conference "System Engineering". — Ekaterinburg, 2020
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