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Title: An algorithm of boundaries detection in low-contrast radar images of the Earth
Authors: Dorosinskiy, L.
Lysenko, T.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Academic Press
Citation: Dorosinskiy L. An algorithm of boundaries detection in low-contrast radar images of the Earth / L. Dorosinskiy, T. Lysenko // International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. — 2016. — Vol. 110. — Iss. 4. — P. 657-664.
Abstract: One of the problems of radar images analysis of the Earth is the detection of boarders between areas with different normalized effective radar cross-sections. In this paper, we propose a computationally effective quasi-optimal algorithm capable for building approximation of such boarders with straight line segments for low-contrast radar images and arbitrary line for high-contrast radar images. To achieve computational efficiency we apply image segmentation and later approximation. Efficiency of the proposed algorithm was examined on a number of computer generated radar image fragments including low-contrast radar images. Proposed algorithm can be effectively implemented using modern parallel computation systems. © 2016 Academic Publications, Ltd.
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SCOPUS ID: 84995579351
PURE ID: 1305669
ISSN: 1311-8080
DOI: 10.12732/ijpam.v110i4.8
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