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Title: Нуклеация и рост новой фазы на промежуточной стадии фазовых переходов в метастабильных растворах и расплавах
Other Titles: Nucleation and growth of a new phase at the intermediate stage of phase transitions in metastable solutions and melts
Authors: Alexandrov, D. V.
Malygin, A. P.
Sukhachev, I. S.
Alexandrova, I. V.
Александров, Д. В.
Малыгин, А. П.
Сухачёв, И. С.
Александрова, И. В.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Udmurt State University
Удмуртский государственный университет
Citation: Нуклеация и рост новой фазы на промежуточной стадии фазовых переходов в метастабильных растворах и расплавах / Д. В. Александров, А. П. Малыгин, И. С. Сухачёв и др. // Вестник Удмуртского университета. Математика. Механика. Компьютерные науки. — 2016. — Т. 26. — №. 2. — С. 283-296.
Abstract: A complete analytical solution of an integro-differential model, which describes the intermediate stage of phase transitions in one-component melts and solutions without allowance for fluctuations in the crystal growth rates, is found. An exact analytical solution of the kinetic equation is determined within the framework of this model. The density of distribution function of crystals in sizes is found. An integro-differential equation for the system metastability level (for its supercooling/supersaturation) is derived for different kinetic mechanisms of particle nucleation. A complete analytical solution of this equation is constructed on the basis of saddle-point method for the Laplace-type integral (steepest descent method). Four approximations of the analytical solution are analyzed and its convergence is shown. The kinetic mechanisms of Weber-Volmer-Frenkel-ZePdovich and A loirs are studied. A transient behavior of the number of particles and the mean crystal size is determined for supercooled melts.
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RSCI ID: 26244787
SCOPUS ID: 85009742454
PURE ID: 1414855
ISSN: 1994-9197
DOI: 10.20537/vm160214
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