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Title: Управление знаниями и генерация знаний: основные риски современного гуманитарного образования
Other Titles: Knowledge management and knowledge regenerating: Main risks of modern liberal arts education
Authors: Zhilina, V. A.
Kuznetsova, N. V.
Zhilina, E. A.
Жилина, В. А.
Кузнецова, Н. В.
Жилина, Е. А.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: LLC Ecological Help
Общество с ограниченной ответственностью Экологическая помощь
Citation: Жилина В. А. Управление знаниями и генерация знаний: основные риски современного гуманитарного образования / В. А. Жилина, Н. В. Кузнецова, Е. А. Жилина // Перспективы науки и образования. — 2018. — Т. 36. — №. 6. — С. 18-26.
Abstract: The article is devoted to analyzing the status of modern liberal arts education. Based on research of Russian educational system development general conditions, prerequisites to necessary development of new federal governmental educational standards, their advantages and disadvantages, are have been identified. It is particularly stressed that communicative society as a whole actualizes the problematic of subject-subjective relationships in social sphere and accordingly increases the meaningfulness of solving all educational problems within general logic of country development. In this event, the reverse determination is meaningful: the subject of educational process impacts on the status of those social spheres, in which he is incorporated. In this connection, the estimation is expressed that presently the educational system represents the dialectical unity of generating knowledge and the processes of regulating them. In this context, the attempt is undertaken to conceptualize main risks of liberal arts education. The meaningfulness of interdisciplinary investigations is shown on critical reflection peculiarities, subject’s linguistic field, status of academic knowledge. Main contours of minimizing the accentuated risks in education development are outlined. © 2018 Perspektivy Nauki i Obrazovania. All rights reserved.
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RSCI ID: 36646646
SCOPUS ID: 85059565519
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ISSN: 2307-2334
DOI: 10.32744/pse.2018.6.2
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