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Title: Study of chemical bath deposited In2S3 thin films
Authors: Tulenin, S. S.
Maraeva, E. V.
Maskaeva, L. N.
Markov, V. F.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Chemical Publishing Co.
Citation: Study of chemical bath deposited In2S3 thin films / S. S. Tulenin, E. V. Maraeva, L. N. Maskaeva et al. // Asian Journal of Chemistry. — 2017. — Vol. 29. — Iss. 5. — P. 995-998.
Abstract: Indum(III) sulfide (In2S3) thin films were grown by means of chemical bath deposition from acid solution. Calculation of ionic equilibrium with using of thermodynamic constants for systems defines boundary conditions of formation In2S3. Films were characterized by means of XRD, SEM, EDX and XPS methods. According to XRD, films have cubic structure of In2S3. XPS method shown that the surface of In2S3 thin film includes oxygen and carbon contained impurities. SEM confirmed nanosize nature of thin films. Optical band gap of indium(III) sulfide equal to 2.3 eV.
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SCOPUS ID: 85015364788
PURE ID: 1687318
ISSN: 0970-7077
DOI: 10.14233/ajchem.2017.20385
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