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Title: Traditionalist orthodox christian media: Discourse structure and peculiarities of the functioning
Authors: Grishaeva, E. I.
Shumkova, V. A.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Russian Public Opinion Research Center
Citation: Grishaeva E. I. Traditionalist orthodox christian media: Discourse structure and peculiarities of the functioning / E. I. Grishaeva, V. A. Shumkova // Monitoring Obshchestvennogo Mneniya: Ekonomicheskie i Sotsial'nye Peremeny. — 2018. — Vol. 144. — Iss. 2. — P. 291-308. — DOI: 10.14515/monitoring.2018.2.17.
Abstract: The article considers how the traditionalist Orthodox groups use print and online media for retranslation of their version of Orthodoxy or their model of religious identity. The Orthodox traditionalists focus on the promotion of the Orthodox social mission, stronger cooperation between the Church and the state and anti-Western bias. The analysis is based on two cases: the Yekaterinburg Archdiocese’s periodical «Orthodox Newspaper» and pravoslavie. ru web portal. The study reveals that the traditionalist media have a number of features. Hybridization of genres is observed: sermons turn to interviews, and spiritual essays are presented as news stories. The media construct a specific Orthodox chronotope. The secular concept of relevance as constant change of agenda is substituted for the cyclicity of the church life: the most important events are related to religious feasts. The structure of religious institution is projected on media discourse: the «Orthodox Newspaper» and range the topics and the authors according to hierarchy principle, inherent in the off-line Orthodoxy. Thus, the traditionalist Orthodox media adapt print and online periodicals for the intergroup communications and needs constructing their own media content. © 2018 Russian Public Opinion Research Center VCIOM. All Rights Reserved.
Keywords: MEDIA
RSCI ID: 34971715
SCOPUS ID: 85052015110
PURE ID: 7770037
ISSN: 2219-5467
DOI: 10.14515/monitoring.2018.2.17
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Российский Фонд Фундаментальных Исследований (РФФИ): 16-03-00387
Keywords: mediatization, Orthodoxy, traditionalism, media, religious identity Acknowledgment. The study is funded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project no. 16-03-00387).
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