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Title: Online Shopping and Drone Technology in Russia
Authors: Kitonsa Haula
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: LLC Publishing office EMC UPI
Citation: Kitonsa Haula. Online Shopping and Drone Technology in Russia / Kitonsa Haula // Russian Regions in the Focus of Changes: Conference proceedings of the XII International Conference. 16-18 November 2017. — Ekaterinburg: EMC UPI, 2018. — P. 47-60.
Abstract: As the escalation of online shopping toils its capacity in Russia, the effectiveness of last mile delivery has gained total attention since it one of the core phase of an effective transaction via online shopping. Last mile delivery is facing a series of stumbling blocks of which the main ones are; poor infrastructure in rural and disaster-stricken areas and extreme climate condition (winter) hence forcing companies, to incur more the costs at this stage than any other stage. The emerging drone technology with tremendous anticipated applications of which one is delivery, may be the ultimate solution to cutting down costs and ease on the difficulties of last mile delivery. However, like any other technological innovation, drone technology is associated with uncertainties which are regarded as risks, several technical and societal concerns and challenges that need to be addressed. The goal of this review paper is to analyze the feasibility of drone technology in last mile delivery by carrying out its SWOT analysis and point out risks that may arise once deployed to delivery. And carry out a comparison between the current legal framework in Russia with that of major international key players in the technology in order to find out the loop holes and possible steps necessary to be taken towards regulating drone delivery in Russia.
Conference name: XII International Conference «Russian Regions in the Focus of Changes»
Conference date: 16.11.2017–18.11.2017
ISBN: 978-5-8295-0581-3
Origin: Russian Regions in the Focus of Changes: Conference proceedings. — Ekaterinburg, 2018
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