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Title: Technological value of coal. 1. Clinkering coal
Authors: Kiselev, B. P.
Stakheev, S. G.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Kiselev B. P. Technological value of coal. 1. Clinkering coal / B. P. Kiselev, S. G. Stakheev // Coke and Chemistry. — 2012. — Vol. 55. — № 7. — P. 253-255.
Abstract: The concept of technological value is discussed. On that basis, a method of assessing the technological value of coal is recommended. The technological value of the basic clinkering coal in coking batch (Zh, GZh coal) is assessed. Similar estimates are presented for poorly coking GZhO and Zh coal, with somewhat inferior clinkering properties. Three levels of technological value are identified for clinkering coal: the first level includes Zh and GZh coal from enterprises in the Kuznets and Pechorsk basins; the second includes GZhO coal from the Raspadskaya and Vorgashorskaya mines; and the third includes G coal from the Kirov mine. GZhO and G coal from other enterprises in the Kuznets Basin does not function as clinkering coal. © 2012 Allerton Press, Inc.
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SCOPUS ID: 84868126156
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ISSN: 1068-364X
DOI: 10.3103/S1068364X12070034
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