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Title: Weak antilocalization in HgTe quantum wells with inverted energy spectra
Authors: Minkov, G. M.
Germanenko, A. V.
Rut, O. E.
Sherstobitov, A. A.
Dvoretski, S. A.
Mikhailov, N. N.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Weak antilocalization in HgTe quantum wells with inverted energy spectra / G. M. Minkov, A. V. Germanenko, O. E. Rut, A. A. Sherstobitov, S. A. Dvoretski, N. N. Mikhailov // Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. — 2012. — Vol. 85. — № 23.
Abstract: The results of an experimental study of the magnetoconductivity of two-dimensional (2D) electron gas caused by suppression of the interference quantum correction in a HgTe single quantum well heterostructure with an inverted energy spectrum are presented. It is shown that only the antilocalization magnetoconductivity is observed at relatively high conductivity, σ(20 - 30)G 0, where G 0=e2/2π2. The antilocalization correction demonstrates a crossover from 0. 5ln(τ φ/τ) to 1.0ln(τ φ/τ) behavior with increasing conductivity (here τ φ and τ are the phase relaxation and transport relaxation times, respectively). It is interpreted as a result of crossover to the regime when the two chiral branches of the electron energy spectrum independently contribute to the weak antilocalization. At lower conductivity, σ<(20 - 30)G 0, the magnetoconductivity behaves similarly to that in usual 2D systems with fast spin relaxation: It is negative in low magnetic fields and positive in higher ones. We have found that the temperature dependences of the fitting parameter τ φ corresponding to the phase relaxation time demonstrate reasonable behavior, close to 1/T, over the whole conductivity range from 5G 0 up to 130G 0. However, the τ φ value remains practically independent of conductivity, in contrast to conventional 2D systems with simple energy spectra, in which τ φ is enhanced with conductivity. © 2012 American Physical Society.
SCOPUS ID: 84862691097
WOS ID: 000305251900008
PURE ID: 1081479
ISSN: 1098-0121
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.85.235312
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