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Title: Robotic optical telescopes global network MASTER II. Equipment, structure, algorithms
Authors: Kornilov, Victor G.
Lipunov, Vladimir M.
Gorbovskoy, Evgeny S.
Belinski, Aleksander A.
Kuvshinov, Dmitry A.
Tyurina, Natalia V.
Shatsky, Nikolai I.
Sankovich, Anatoly V.
Krylov, Aleksander V.
Balanutsa, Pavel V.
Chazov, Vadim V.
Kuznetsov, Artem S.
Zimnuhov, Dmitry S.
Senik, Victor A.
Tlatov, Andrey G.
Parkhomenko, Aleksander V.
Dormidontov, Denis V.
Krushinsky, Vadim V.
Zalozhnyh, I. S.
Popov, A. A.
Yazev, Sergey A.
Budnev, Nikolai M.
Ivanov, Kirill I.
Konstantinov, Evgeny N.
Gress, Oleg A.
Chvalaev, Oleg V.
Yurkov, Vladimir V.
Sergienko, Yury P.
Kudelina, Irina P.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Robotic optical telescopes global network MASTER II. Equipment, structure, algorithms / Victor G. Kornilov, Vladimir M. Lipunov, Evgeny S. Gorbovskoy, Aleksander A. Belinski, Dmitry A. Kuvshinov, Natalia V. Tyurina, Nikolai I. Shatsky, Anatoly V. Sankovich, Aleksander V. Krylov, Pavel V. Balanutsa, Vadim V. Chazov, Artem S. Kuznetsov, Dmitry S. Zimnuhov, Victor A. Senik, Andrey G. Tlatov, Aleksander V. Parkhomenko, Denis V. Dormidontov, Vadim V. Krushinsky, I. S. Zalozhnyh, A. A. Popov, Sergey A. Yazev, Nikolai M. Budnev, Kirill I. Ivanov, Evgeny N. Konstantinov, Oleg A. Gress, Oleg V. Chvalaev, Vladimir V. Yurkov, Yury P. Sergienko, Irina P. Kudelina // Experimental Astronomy. — 2012. — Vol. 33. — № 1. — P. 173-196.
Abstract: Presented paper describes the basic principles and features of the implementation of a robotic network of optical telescopes MASTER, designed to study the prompt (simultaneous with gamma radiation) optical emission of gamma-ray bursts and to perform the sky survey to detect unknown objects and transient phenomena. With joint efforts of Sternberg astronomical institute, High altitude astronomical station of the Pulkovo observatory, Ural state university, Irkutsk state university, Blagoveshchensk pedagogical university, the robotic telescopes MASTER II near Kislovodsk, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Blagoveshchensk were installed and tested. The network spread over the longitudes is greater than 6 h. A further expansion of the network is considered. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
Keywords: GRB
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SCOPUS ID: 84857920278
WOS ID: 000303447700008
PURE ID: 1088193
ISSN: 0922-6435
DOI: 10.1007/s10686-011-9280-z
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