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Title: Gamma Ray Exposure Buildup Factor and Shielding Features for Some Binary Alloys Using MCNP-5 Simulation Code
Authors: Rammah, Y. S.
Mahmoud, K. A.
Mohammed, F. Q.
Sayyed, M. I.
Tashlykov, O. L.
El-Mallawany, R.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Korean Nuclear Society
Elsevier BV
Citation: Gamma Ray Exposure Buildup Factor and Shielding Features for Some Binary Alloys Using MCNP-5 Simulation Code / Y. S. Rammah, K. A. Mahmoud, F. Q. Mohammed et al. // Nuclear Engineering and Technology. — 2021. — Vol. 53. — Iss. 8. — P. 2661-2668.
Abstract: Gamma radiation shielding features for three series of binary alloys identified as (Pb–Sn), (Pb–Zn), and (Zn–Sn) have been investigated. The mass attenuation coefficients (μ/ρ) for the selected alloys were simulated using the MCNP-5 code in the energy range between 0.01 and 15 MeV. Moreover, the (μ/ρ) values were computed using WinXCOM database in the same energy range to validate the simulation results. Results reveal a good agreement between the simulated and computed values. The half value layer (HVL), mean free path (MFP), effective atomic number (Zeff) and exposure buildup factor (EBF) were evaluated for the selected binary alloys. Results showed that the PS1, PZ1, and ZS2 alloys have the best shielding parameters and better than the commercially standard and available radiation shielding materials. Therefore, the investigated alloys can be used as effective radiation shielding materials against gamma ray with energies between 0.01 and 15 MeV. © 2021 Korean Nuclear Society.
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RSCI ID: 46823313
SCOPUS ID: 85102853844
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PURE ID: 22820013
ISSN: 1738-5733
DOI: 10.1016/
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