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Title: The Influence of BaO on the Mechanical and Gamma / Fast Neutron Shielding Properties of Lead Phosphate Glasses
Authors: Mahmoud, K. A.
El-Agawany, F. I.
Tashlykov, O. L.
Ahmed, E. M.
Rammah, Y. S.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Korean Nuclear Society
Elsevier BV
Citation: The Influence of BaO on the Mechanical and Gamma / Fast Neutron Shielding Properties of Lead Phosphate Glasses / K. A. Mahmoud, F. I. El-Agawany, O. L. Tashlykov et al. // Nuclear Engineering and Technology. — 2021. — Vol. 53. — Iss. 11. — P. 3816-3823.
Abstract: The mechanical features evaluated theoretically using Makishima-Mackenzie's model for glasses xBaO-(50-x) PbO–50P2O5 where x = 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50 mol%. Wherefore, the elastic characteristics; Young's, bulk, shear, and longitudinal modulus calculated. The obtained result showed an increase in the calculated values of elastic moduli with the replacement of the PbO by BaO contents. Moreover, the Poisson ratio, micro-hardness, and the softening temperature calculated for the investigated glasses. Besides, gamma and neutron shielding ability evaluated for the barium doped lead phosphate glasses. Monte Caro code (MCNP-5) and the Phy-X/PSD program applied to estimate the mass attenuation coefficient of the studied glasses. The decrease in the PbO ratio has a negative effect on the MAC. The highest MAC decreased from 65.896 cm2/g to 32.711 cm2/g at 0.015 MeV for BPP0 and BPP7, respectively. The calculated values of EBF and EABF showed that replacement of PbO with BaO contents in the studied BPP glasses helps to reduce the number of photons accumulated inside the studied BPP glasses. © 2021 Korean Nuclear Society.
Keywords: GAMMA
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ISSN: 1738-5733
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Taif University, Saudi Arabia is kindly acknowledged for Supporting our work through the Project number (TURSP-2020/84).
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