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Title: Structural State and Magnetic Properties of Nd2Fe14B-Type Rapidly Quenched Alloys
Authors: Kudrevatykh, N. V.
Andreev, S. V.
Bogatkin, A. N.
Bogdanov, S. G.
Kozlov, A. I.
Markin, P. E.
Milyaev, O. A.
Pirogov, A. N.
Pushin, V. G.
Teplykh, A. E.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
Citation: Structural State and Magnetic Properties of Nd2Fe14B-Type Rapidly Quenched Alloys / N. V. Kudrevatykh, S. V. Andreev, A. N. Bogatkin et al. // Journal of Iron and Steel Research International. — 2006. — Vol. 13. — Iss. SUPPL. 1. — P. 199-204.
Abstract: Using the X-ray, elastic neutron diffraction (END) and small angular neutron scattering (SANS) methods (Diffractometers D2 and D3 respectively), transmitting electronic microscopy (JEOL JEM-200CX) and magnetometry technique (vibrating sample magnetometer - VSM) the structure and magnetic properties of the rapidly quenched (RQ) alloys of the following compositions: A) Nd14Fe78B8; B) Y12Fe82B6; C) Nd13.3Co6.6Fe72.6Ge0.9B6.6; D)Nd9Fe85B6; E) Nd9Fe79B12; F) Nd9Fe74Ti4CB12 have been studied. At some quenching conditions or after consequent heat treatments of these alloys the nanoscale state of the main 2-14-1 phase and α-Fe grains can be formed. Their size depends on the sample-preparation conditions and lies in the interval of 10-200 nm. Their influence on magnetic properties of alloys under study is discussed. © 2006 Central Iron and Steel Research Institute.
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SCOPUS ID: 55249090636
ISSN: 1006-706X
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This work was supported by the RF Science and Innovations Agency for Priority, Direction Program "Industry of nanosystems and materials" (Project IN-12.3/00l) and partly by High School Science Potential Development Program (project RNP 2.1.1. 6945).
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