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Title: Microdynamics of Magnetic Particles Dispersed in Complex Media
Authors: Bossis, G.
López-López, M. T.
Zubarev, A.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt
Citation: Bossis G. Microdynamics of Magnetic Particles Dispersed in Complex Media / G. Bossis, M. T. López-López, A. Zubarev // International Journal of Modern Physics B. — 2011. — Vol. 25. — Iss. 7. — P. 905-910.
Abstract: The aggregation of magnetic particles in the presence of a magnetic field is the basic phenomenon which underlies all the physics of magnetorheological (MR) fluids. Although these interactions are well understood when the suspending fluid is a simple liquid, new MR fluids based on dispersion of magnetic microparticles in a ferrofluid or MR elastomers based on dispersion of magnetic particles in a rubber matrix, present some unusual properties which are not well described by conventional theories. We analyze in this work the motion of magnetic particles dispersed in a ferrofluid and submitted to a magnetic field and discuss the possible applications. © 2011 World Scientific Publishing Company.
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SCOPUS ID: 79955454310
ISSN: 0217-9792
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This work has been supported by Biomag project (Conseil Régional PACA, France), projects P08-FQM-3993 and P09-FQM-4787 (Junta de Andalućıa, Spain), project FIS2009-07321 (MICINN, Spain), grants of Russian Agency of Education 2.1.1/2571 and 2.1.1/1535, grants of Russian Federal Target Program 02.740.11.0202, 02-740-11-5172 and NK-43P(4), and grants of Russian Fund of Fundamental Investigations 10-01-96002-Ural, 10-02-96001, 10-02-00034 and 08-02-00647. M.T.L.-L. also acknowledges financial support by the University of Granada (Spain).
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