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Title: Quantum Corrections to Conductivity: From Weak to Strong Localization
Authors: Minkov, G. M.
Rut, O. E.
Germanenko, A. V.
Sherstobitov, A. A.
Zvonkov, B. N.
Uskova, E. A.
Birukov, A. A.
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: American Physical Society (APS)
Citation: Quantum Corrections to Conductivity: From Weak to Strong Localization / G. M. Minkov, O. E. Rut, A. V. Germanenko et al. // Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. — 2002. — Vol. 65. — Iss. 23. — P. 2353221-2353228. — 235322.
Abstract: The results of detailed investigations of the conductivity and Hall effect in gated single-quantum-well GaAs/InGaAs/GaAs heterostructures with two-dimensional electron gas are presented. A successive analysis of the data has shown that the conductivity is diffusive for kFl = 25-2. The absolute value of the quantum corrections for kFl = 2 at low temperature is not small; e.g., it is about 70% of the Drude conductivity at T = 0.46 K. For kFl = 2-0.5 the conductivity looks like the diffusive one. The temperature and magnetic field dependences are qualitatively described within the framework of the self-consistent theory of Vollhardt and Wölfle. The interference correction is therewith close in magnitude to the Drude conductivity so that the conductivity σ becomes significantly less than e2/h. We conclude that the temperature and magnetic field dependences of the conductivity in the whole kFl range are due to changes of the quantum corrections.
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ISSN: 0163-1829
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: We are grateful to M. V. Sadovskii, S. G. Novokshenov, and I. V. Gornyi for useful discussions and comments. This work was supported in part by the RFBR through Grants No. 00-02-16215, and No. 01-02-17003, the Program ‘‘University of Russia’’ through Grant No. UR.06.01.002, the CRDF through Grant No. REC-005, the Russian Program ‘‘Physics of Solid State Nanostructures,’’ and the Russian-Ukrainian Program ‘‘Nanophysics and Nanoelectronics.’’
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