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Title: Modulated Accretion in the T Tauri Star RY Tau-a Stable MHD Propeller or a Planet at 0.2 au?
Authors: Petrov, P. P.
Romanova, M. M.
Grankin, K. N.
Artemenko, S. A.
Babina, E. V.
Yu Gorda, S.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press (OUP)
Citation: Modulated Accretion in the T Tauri Star RY Tau-a Stable MHD Propeller or a Planet at 0.2 au? / P. P. Petrov, M. M. Romanova, K. N. Grankin et al. — DOI 10.18485/ms_zmss.2021.100.21 // Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. — 2021. — Vol. 504. — Iss. 1. — P. 871-877.
Abstract: Planets are thought to form at the early stage of stellar evolution when mass accretion is still ongoing. RY Tau is a T Tauri type star at the age of a few Myr, with an accretion disc seen at high inclination, so that the line of sight crosses both the wind and accretion gas flows. In a long series of spectroscopic monitoring of the star over the period 2013-2020, we detected variations in H$\, {\alpha }$ and Na i D absorptions at radial velocities of infall (accretion) and outflow (wind) with a period of about 22 d. The absorptions in the infalling and outflowing gas streams vary in antiphase: an increase of infall is accompanied by a decrease of outflow, and vice versa. These 'flip-flop' oscillations retain phase over several years of observations. We suggest that this may result from the magnetohydrodynamics processes at the disc-magnetosphere boundary in the propeller mode. Another possibility is that a massive planet is modulating some processes in the disc and is providing the observed effects. The period, if Keplerian, corresponds to a distance of 0.2 au, which is close to the dust sublimation radius in this star. The presence of the putative planet can be confirmed by radial velocity measurements: the expected amplitude is ≥90 m s-1 if the planet mass is ≥2 MJ. © 2021 The Author(s) Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Royal Astronomical Society.
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SCOPUS ID: 85108176251
PURE ID: 22105403
ISSN: 0035-8711
DOI: 10.18485/ms_zmss.2021.100.21
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