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Title: The theory and practice of modern prepress of university publications
Теория и практика современной допечатной подготовки вузовских изданий
Authors: Plotnikova, I. Y.
Klimova, O. V.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Tomsk State University - Faculty of Philology
Citation: Plotnikova I. Y. The theory and practice of modern prepress of university publications / I. Y. Plotnikova, O. V. Klimova. — DOI 10.17223/23062061/23/8 // Tekst, Kniga, Knigoizdaniye. — 2020. — Vol. 23. — P. 131-142.
Abstract: The organisation of the university educational process requires a high availability of educational and scientific literature, which implies the high quality of the preparation of educational and teaching aids, reference materials and scientific publications. However, one can note a change in the technologies of premedia and printing processes, optimisation of the activity of publishing offices and, as a result, a drop in the quality of published printed matter. In 2019 a quantitative analysis of preparation of conference materials for publication was conducted on the basis of the Ural University Publishing House. According to this analysis, one can argue that the quality of the publishing product depends on the ratio of prepress volumes and timelines, the quality of materials provided to the publishing house, the responsibility of the authors and members of the editorial board, their readiness to work within a short time period, etc. According to the documents, the editorial board ensures the quality of scientific publications, which in this case consists of four Grand PhDs and two PhDs; in fact, the quality of the content left much to be desired. Separately, the quality of preparation of the bibliographic apparatus should be noted. In this case, the editorial preparation of the bibliography was carried out by a library employee in an extremely limited time (two days). It was done in order to bring the bibliographic description to some uniformity-there was no discussion on compliance with All-Union State Standards 7.1.-2003 and 7.05-2008. There was also a shift of areas of responsibility when the preparation of separate elements of a scientific article (for example, the bibliographic description) is not planned in advance, but becomes spontaneous and, as a result, entails a partial reimposition of the manuscript. The priorities of the practical model of preparing a university publication have changed significantly. The publication of conference proceedings prioritises releasing the publication at a certain time (by the beginning of a scientific event), which jeopardises the quality of its prepress. When preparing a university publication in tight deadlines, functions are redistributed, and professional communication has its features: both the authors and the publishers do not have the necessary conditions for an effective interaction in order to prepare a high-quality scientific publication. Most definitions of a scientific and educational book emphasise its task, properties, functions, role as a means of communication of the professional community and a method of transmitting relevant information. It seems that a university publication, like no other, should prioritise the quality of prepress and, therefore, should be planned ahead. © 2020 Tomsk State University - Faculty of Philology. All rights reserved.
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DOI: 10.17223/23062061/23/8
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