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Title: Gate-tunable infrared plasmons in electron-doped single-layer antimony
Authors: Prishchenko, D. A.
Mazurenko, V. G.
Katsnelson, M. I.
Rudenko, A. N.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Gate-tunable infrared plasmons in electron-doped single-layer antimony / D. A. Prishchenko, V. G. Mazurenko, M. I. Katsnelson, et al. — DOI 10.1103/PhysRevB.98.201401 // Physical Review B. — 2018. — Vol. 98. — Iss. 20. — 201401.
Abstract: We report on a theoretical study of collective electronic excitations in single-layer antimony crystals (antimonene), a novel two-dimensional semiconductor with strong spin-orbit coupling. Based on a tight-binding model, we consider electron-doped antimonene and demonstrate that the combination of spin-orbit effects with an external bias gives rise to peculiar plasmon excitations in the midinfrared spectral range. These excitations are characterized by low losses and negative dispersion at frequencies effectively tunable by doping and bias voltage. The observed behavior is attributed to the spin splitting of the conduction band, which induces interband resonances, affecting the collective excitations. Our findings open up the possibility to develop plasmonic and optoelectronic devices with high tunability, operating in a technologically relevant spectral range. © 2018 American Physical Society.
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RSCI ID: 38624087
SCOPUS ID: 85056404140
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ISSN: 24699950
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.98.201401
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