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Title: Gold Determination Problem in Barium Production Waste
Authors: Khabibulina, R. E.
Naumov, K. D.
Lobanov, V. G.
Valnev, V. A.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Knowledge E
Citation: Khabibulina, R. E., Naumov, K. D., Lobanov, V. G., Valnev, V. A. (2020). Gold Determination Problem in Barium Production Waste. KnE Materials Science, 6(1), 580–585.
Abstract: The most common method for gold content determination in raw materials is fire assay. An alternative to this method is atomic absorption in a solution obtained by dissolving an initial sample in aqua regia. This study focuses on the sludge of one of the chemical plants, in which the barite concentrate (barium in sulphate form) is fused with calcium chloride at coal presence, and then leached in water. Decomposition of samples in aqua regia followed by atomic absorption analysis, as well as fire assay, showed gold content in the sludge at the level of 1-4 gram per ton. The presence of infusible and chemically resistant compounds in the sludge does not allow to the reliable determination of the gold content. Sintering with sodium peroxide for decomposition of stable compounds at 700 ∘ C, dissolution of sinter in acidic solution, evaporation and fire assay of residue made it possible to establish a reliable concentration of gold in the sludge - 10-20 gram per ton. It was found that a direct determination of gold in acidic sinter leach solution provides inadequate values associated with the influence of the background.
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Conference name: IV Congress “Fundamental Research and Applied Developing of Recycling and Utilization Processes of Technogenic Formations” (TECHNOGEN 2019)
Conference date: 18.06.2019-21.06.2019
RSCI ID: 44882414
ISSN: 2519-1438
DOI: 10.18502/kms.v6i1.8147
Origin: IV Congress “Fundamental Research and Applied Developing of Recycling and Utilization Processes of Technogenic Formations” (TECHNOGEN 2019). — Ekaterinburg, 2020
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