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Title: Arsenic in Chemical and Metallurgical Conversions of Copper-zinc Concentrates
Authors: Selivanov, E. N.
Novikov, D. O.
Belyaev, V. V.
Skopov, G. V.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Knowledge E
Citation: Selivanov, E. N., Novikov, D. O., Belyaev, V. V., Skopov, G. V. (2020). Arsenic in Chemical and Metallurgical Conversions of Copper-zinc Concentrates. KnE Materials Science, 6(1), 446–450.
Abstract: Due to the deterioration of the quality of obtained sulfide-copper concentrates, arsenic circulates and accumulates in the intermediate products, which reduces the quality of the metal and associated product – sulfuric acid. A method of estimation the distribution of impurity elements can be created using the recycling of sulfide concentrates by various technologies (including autogenous smelting, matte conversion and flotation of slags). This technique is based on solving balance equations for iron, copper and arsenic with known compositions of the resulting products. The obtained data were used to assess of the extraction of arsenic into produce outputs (slag, matte, dust, etc.). In this study, the concentration of arsenic in the dust of metallurgical processes and sludge for cleaning acid solutions is confirmed. The increased temperature in the electrostatic precipitator of gas purification of autogenous processes lead to a partial transition of arsenic into the gas stream directed to the sulfuric acid production. It is possible to regulate the fraction of transition of arsenic to dust and sulfuric acid while changing the operating temperature in the electrostatic precipitator. To a lesser extent arsenic is concentrated in the tails of flotation of slag (11.7%) and metallic copper (2.9%). These data are useful for substantiating measures for the wastes recycling and improvement of the ecological environment in the enterprise operating districts.
Keywords: ARSENIC
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Conference name: IV Congress “Fundamental Research and Applied Developing of Recycling and Utilization Processes of Technogenic Formations” (TECHNOGEN 2019)
Conference date: 18.06.2019-21.06.2019
RSCI ID: 44730002
ISSN: 2519-1438
DOI: 10.18502/kms.v6i1.8123
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: The work was carried out according to the state assignment for IMET UB RAS.
Origin: IV Congress “Fundamental Research and Applied Developing of Recycling and Utilization Processes of Technogenic Formations” (TECHNOGEN 2019). — Ekaterinburg, 2020
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