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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Characterization of LiMn2O4 cathodes by electrochemical strain microscopyAlikin, D. O.; Ievlev, A. V.; Luchkin, S. Y.; Turygin, A. P.; Shur, V. Y.; Kalinin, S. V.; Kholkin, A. L.; Шур, В. Я.
2021A combined theoretical and experimental study of the phase coexistence and morphotropic boundaries in ferroelectric-antiferroelectric-antiferrodistortive multiferroicsMorozovska, A. N.; Karpinsky, D. V.; Alikin, D. O.; Abramov, A.; Eliseev, E. A.; Glinchuk, M. D.; Yaremkevich, A. D.; Fesenko, O. M.; Tsebrienko, T. V.; Pakalniškis, A.; Kareiva, A.; Silibin, M. V.; Sidski, V. V.; Kalinin, S. V.; Kholkin, A. L.
2018A comparative study of structural and electrical properties in lead-free BCZT ceramics: Influence of the synthesis methodCoondoo, I.; Panwar, N.; Alikin, D.; Bdikin, I.; Islam, S. S.; Turygin, A.; Shur, V. Y.; Kholkin, A. L.; Шур, В. Я.
2018Converse piezoelectricity and ferroelectricity in crystals of lysozyme protein revealed by piezoresponse force microscopyStapleton, A.; Ivanov, M. S.; Noor, M. R.; Silien, C.; Gandhi, A. A.; Soulimane, T.; Kholkin, A. L.; Tofail, S. A. M.
2019Correlative confocal Raman and scanning probe microscopy in the ionically active particles of LiMn 2 O 4 cathodesAlikin, D.; Slautin, B.; Abramov, A.; Rosato, D.; Shur, V.; Tselev, A.; Kholkin, A.; Шур, В. Я.
2023Creation of periodical domain structure by local polarization reversal in planar waveguide produced by soft proton exchange in LiNbO3Savelyev, E.; Akhmatkhanov, A.; Slautin, B.; Tronche, H.; Doutre, F.; Lunghi, T.; Baldi, P.; Shur, V.
2018Decoupling Mesoscale Functional Response in PLZT across the Ferroelectric-Relaxor Phase Transition with Contact Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy and Machine LearningNeumayer, S. M.; Collins, L.; Vasudevan, R.; Smith, C.; Somnath, S.; Shur, V. Y.; Jesse, S.; Kholkin, A. L.; Kalinin, S. V.; Rodriguez, B. J.; Шур, В. Я.
2020Dense ferroelectric-ferroelastic domain structures in rhombohedral PMN-28PT single crystalsUshakov, A. D.; Turygin, A. P.; Akhmatkhanov, A. R.; Alikin, D. O.; Hu, Q.; Liu, X.; Zhao, Y.; Xu, Z.; Wei, X.; Ya, Shur, V.
2019Domain diversity and polarization switching in amino acid β-glycineVasileva, D.; Vasilev, S.; Kholkin, A. L.; Shur, V. Y.; Шур, В. Я.
2018Domain kinetics during polarization reversal in 36? Y-cut congruent lithium niobateNeradovskaia, E. A.; Neradovskiy, M. M.; Esin, A. A.; Chuvakova, M. A.; Baldil, P.; De, Micheli, M. P.; Akhmatkhanov, A. R.; Forget, N.; Shur, V. Y.; Шур, В. Я.
2018Domain structure imaging in PMN-PT crystals using channelling-contrast backscattered electron microscopyVlasov, E. O.; Chezganov, D. S.; Gimadeeva, L. V.; Ushakov, A. D.; Hu, Q.; Wei, X.; Shur, V. Y.; Шур, В. Я.
2015Domain structures and local switching in lead-free piezoceramics Ba0.85Ca0.15Ti0.90Zr0.10O3Turygin, A. P.; Neradovskiy, M. M.; Naumova, N. A.; Zayats, D. V.; Coondoo, I.; Kholkin, A. L.; Shur, V. Y.; Шур, В. Я.
2013Effect of heating temperature and modification of Al - 27% Cu - 6% Si melt on the structure and phase composition of crystallized specimensNikitin, K. V.; Chikova, O. A.; Timoshkin, I. Y.; Konstantinov, A. N.
2022Effect of Piezoelectric BaTiO3 Filler on Mechanical and Magnetoelectric Properties of Zn0.25Co0.75Fe2O4/PVDF-TrFE CompositesSobolev, K.; Kolesnikova, V.; Omelyanchik, A.; Alekhina, Y.; Antipova, V.; Makarova, L.; Peddis, D.; Raikher, Y. L.; Levada, K.; Amirov, A.; Rodionova, V.
2022Exploring Charged Defects in Ferroelectrics by the Switching Spectroscopy Piezoresponse Force MicroscopyAlikin, D.; Abramov, A.; Turygin, A.; Ievlev, A.; Pryakhina, V.; Karpinsky, D.; Hu, Q.; Jin, L.; Shur, V.; Tselev, A.; Kholkin, A.
2023Ferroelectricity and negative piezoelectric coefficient in orthorhombic phase pure ZrO2 thin filmsSilva, J. P. B.; Istrate, M. C.; Hellenbrand, M.; Jan, A.; Becker, M. T.; Symonowicz, J.; Figueiras, F. G.; Lenzi, V.; Hill, M. O.; Ghica, C.; Romanyuk, K. N.; Gomes, M. J. M.; Martino, G. D.; Marques, L.; MacManus-Driscoll, J. L.
2014Humidity effects on tip-induced polarization switching in lithium niobateIevlev, A. V.; Morozovska, A. N.; Shur, V. Ya.; Kalinin, S. V.; Шур, В. Я.
2019Indentation induced local polarization reversal in La doped BiFeO3 ceramicsAbramov, A. S.; Alikin, D. O.; Yuzhakov, V. V.; Nikitin, A. V.; Latushko, S. I.; Karpinsky, D. V.; Shur, V. Y.; Kholkin, A. L.; Шур, В. Я.
2018Influence of the domain structure on piezoelectric and dielectric properties of relaxor SBN single crystalsShikhova, V. A.; Ushakov, A. D.; Fedorovyh, V. V.; Anikin, V. A.; Esin, A. A.; Shur, V. Y.; Kholkin, A. L.; Ivleva, L. I.; Шур, В. Я.
2013Intermittency, quasiperiodicity and chaos in probe-induced ferroelectric domain switchingIevlev, A. V.; Jesse, S.; Morozovska, A. N.; Strelcov, E.; Eliseev, E. A.; Pershin, Y. V.; Kumar, A.; Shur, V. Ya.; Kalinin, S. V.; Шур, В. Я.