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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20204π Scatterometer: A new technique for understanding the general and complete scattering properties of particulate mediaMaconi, G.; Helander, P.; Gritsevich, M.; Salmi, A.; Penttilä, A.; Kassamakov, I.; Hæggström, E.; Muinonen, K.
2022Achievements and Future Perspectives of the Trivalent Thulium-Ion-Doped Mixed-Sesquioxide Ceramics for Laser ApplicationsPirri, A.; Maksimov, R. N.; Li, J.; Vannini, M.; Toci, G.
2023Analysis and characterization of opto-electronic properties of iron oxide (Fe2O3) with transition metals (Co, Ni) for the use in the photodetector applicationSaleem, S.; Ashiq, M. N.; Manzoor, S.; Ali, U.; Liaqat, R.; Algahtani, A.; Mujtaba, S.; Tirth, V.; Alsuhaibani, A. M.; Refat, M. S.; Ali, A.; Aslam, M.; Zaman, A.
2018Ce:YAG ceramics: The influence of the synthesis technology features on the luminescent and the optical propertiesLukyashin, K. E.; Shitov, V. A.; Medvedev, A. I.; Ishchenko, A. V.; Shevelev, V. S.; Shulgin, B. V.; Basyrova, L. R.
2022Cerium (IV) Oxide Reinforced Lithium-Borotellurite Glasses: A Characterization Study Through Physical, Optical, Structural and Radiation Shielding PropertiesIlik, E.; Kilic, G.; Issever, U. G.; Issa, S. A. M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Tekin, H. O.
2020A Composite Model for Reflectance and Polarisation of Light from Granulate MaterialsPeltoniemi, J. I.; Gritsevich, M.; Markkanen, J.; Hakala, T.; Suomalainen, J.; Zubko, N.; Wilkman, O.; Muinonen, K.
2023A comprehensive model of nitrogen-free ordered carbon quantum dotsBoukhvalov, D. W.; Osipov, V. Y.; Hogan, B. T.; Baldycheva, A.
2017Coulomb interactions and screening effects in few-layer black phosphorus: A tight-binding consideration beyond the longwavelength limitPrishchenko, D. A.; Mazurenko, V. G.; Katsnelson, M. I.; Rudenko, A. N.
2021Crystal stabilization of α-FAPbI3perovskite by rapid annealing method in industrial scaleMurugadoss, G.; Arunachalam, P.; Panda, S. K.; Rajesh, Kumar, M.; Rajabathar, J. R.; Al-Lohedan, H.; Wasmiah, M. D.
2023Docking of COVID-19 main protease and TD-DFT/DMOl3 simulated method, synthesis, and characterization with hybrid nanocomposite thin films and its applicationsGhazy, A. R.; Hemeda, O. M.; Al-Hossainy, A. F.; Ghazy, R.; Henaish, A. M. A.
2016Effect of Annealing on the Behavior of Oxygen Dissolved in Germanium and Optical Properties of Single CrystalsShimanskii, A. F.; Podkopaev, O. I.; Pavluk, T. O.; Kopytkova, S. A.; Gorodishcheva, A. N.; Filatov, R. A.
2021Effect of Irradiation with Heavy Xe22+ Ions with Energies of 165–230 MeV on Change in Optical Characteristics of ZrO2 CeramicIvanov, I. A.; Alin, M.; Koloberdin, M. V.; Sapar, A.; Kurakhmedov, A. E.; Kozlovskiy, A. L.; Zdorovets, M. V.; Uglov, V. V.
2020Effect of Mechanical Strain on the Optical Properties of Nodal-Line Semimetal ZrSiSZhou, W.; Rudenko, A. N.; Yuan, S.
2020Effect of quenching on the electrical and optical properties of MoTe2Marchenkov, V. V.; Domozhirova, A. N.; Parulin, R. A.; Naumov, S. V.; Makhnev, A. A.; Shreder, E. I.; Patrakov, E. I.; Chistyakov, V. V.; Ivanov, A. D.; Huang, J. C. A.
2019Electrical and optical properties of a PtSn 4 single crystalMarchenkov, V. V.; Domozhirova, A. N.; Semiannikova, A. A.; Makhnev, A. A.; Shreder, E. I.; Naumov, S. V.; Chistyakov, V. V.; Patrakov, E. I.; Perevozchikova, Yu. A.; Marchenkova, E. B.; Huang, J. C. A.; Eisterer, M.
2019Electronic properties of WTe2 and MoTe2 single crystalsDomozhirova, A. N.; Makhnev, A. A.; Shreder, E. I.; Naumov, S. V.; Lukoyanov, A. V.; Chistyakov, V. V.; Huang, J. C. A.; Semiannikova, A. A.; Korenistov, P. S.; Marchenkov, V. V.
2012Electronic structure and optical properties of TbNi5-xCuxNekrasov, I. A.; Kokorina, E. E.; Galkin, V. A.; Kuz'min, Yu. I.; Knyazev, Yu. V.; Kuchin, A. G.
2012Electronic structure and optical spectroscopy studies of HoNi 5 and ErNi 5 compounds doped with CuKnyazev, Yu. V.; Lukoyanov, A. V.; Kuz'min, Yu. I.; Kuchin, A. G.
2023The Electronic Structure, Thermoelectric, and Optical Properties of Heusler Alloys Mn2MeAl (Me = Ti, V, Cr)Shreder, E. I.; Filanovich, A. N.; Chernov, E. D.; Lukoyanov, A. V.; Marchenkov, V. V.; Stashkova, L. A.
2015Experimental and theoretical investigations on magnetic and related properties of ErRuSiGupta, S.; Das, A.; Suresh, K. G.; Hoser, A.; Knyazev, Y. V.; Kuz'Min, Y. I.; Lukoyanov, A. V.