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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Activation Energy Distribution in Thermal Quenching of Exciton and Defect-related Photoluminescence of InP/ZnS Quantum DotsSavchenko, S. S.; Vokhmintsev, A. S.; Weinstein, I. A.
2023Amorphous non-doped and Se-, Cu-, and Zn-doped Sb2S3 nanoparticles prepared by a hot-injection method: bandgap tuning and possible observation of the quantum size effectValidžić, I.; Popović, M.; Potočnik, J.; Graf, C.; Joschko, M.; Kuznetsova, Y. A.; Zatsepin, D. A.
2023Bioengineering of hybrid nanomaterials based on non-stoichiometric nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite and nanometrology of small carbonate content in their structureSeredin, P. V.; Goloshchapov, D. L.; Buylov, N. S.; Kashkarov, V. M.; Emelyanova, A. A.; Eremeev, K.; Ippolitov, Y. A.
2020Catalytic activity of cerium oxide nanoparticlesBazhukova, I.; Zvonareva, I.; Myshkina, A.; Bazhukov, S.; Gavrilov, I.; Meschaninov, V.
2023Comparative analysis of the electronic energy structure of nanocrystalline polymorphs of Y2O3 thin Layers: Theory and experimentsBoukhvalov, D. W.; Zatsepin, D. A.; Kuznetsova, Y. A.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Zatsepin, A. F.
2023A comprehensive model of nitrogen-free ordered carbon quantum dotsBoukhvalov, D. W.; Osipov, V. Y.; Hogan, B. T.; Baldycheva, A.
2015Crystals based on solid solution of Ag1-xTlxBr1-xIx for the manufacturing of IR fibersKorsakov, A.; Zhukova, L.; Salimgareev, D.; Zhukov, V.
2019Deformation behaviour of aluminium nanocrystals under shock-wave loadingVlasova, A. M.
Mar-2021Diffusion of Oxygen in Hypostoichiometric Uranium Dioxide Nanocrystals. A Molecular Dynamics SimulationNekrasov, K. A.; Galashev, A. E.; Seitov, D. D.; Gupta, S. K.
2019Dimerization and low-dimensional magnetism in nanocrystalline TiO2 semiconductors doped by Fe and CoYermakov, A.; Boukhvalov, D.; Uimin, M.; Mesilov, V.; Minin, A.; Galakhov, V.; Korolyov, A.; Volegov, A.; Rosenfeld, E.; Gubkin, A.; Molochnikov, L.
2021Dynamic Polarization of Electron Spins in Indirect Band Gap (In,Al)As/AlAs Quantum Dots in a Weak Magnetic Field: Experiment and TheoryShamirzaev, T. S.; Shumilin, A. V.; Smirnov, D. S.; Rautert, J.; Yakovlev, D. R.; Bayer, M.
2013Effect of deviations of composition from the quasi-binary section TiNi-TiCu on structural and phase transformations in rapidly quenched alloysPushin, A. V.; Popov, A. A.; Pushin, V. G.
2021The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Cu–14Al–3Ni Alloy Subjected to High-Pressure TorsionSvirid, A. E.; Pushin, V. G.; Kuranova, N. N.; Makarov, V. V.; Uksusnikov, A. N.
2018Effect of Inhibitors on the Crystallization and Magnetic Properties of Nanocrystalline AlloysTsepelev, V. S.; Starodubtsev, Y. N.; Tsepeleva, N. P.
2019Effect of intergrain exchange interaction on magnetic viscosity of nanocrystalline isotropic NdFeB magnetsVolegova, E. A.; Andreev, S. V.; Selezneva, N. V.; Urzhumtsev, A. N.; Volegov, A. S.
2019The effect of ion irradiation (Ar+, e = 10 keV) on the nanocrystalline structure and the aging of the Al-Li-Cu-Zn-Mg-Zr-Sc alloy after megaplastic deformationGushchina, N. V.; Ovchinnikov, V. V.; Makhin'Ko, F. F.; Kaigorodova, L. I.; Rasposienko, D. Y.
2019Effect of irradiation and subsequent aging on the structure of a B-1461 alloy of the Al-Cu-Li-Zn system after megaplastic deformationGushchina, N. V.; Ovchinnikov, V. V.; Makhin'ko, F. F.; Kaigorodova, L. I.; Rasposienko, D. Y.
2012Effect of the deviation of the chemical composition from the stoichiometric composition on the structural and phase transformations and properties of rapidly quenched Ti50+xNi25-xCu25 alloysPushin, A. V.; Popov, A. A.; Pushin, V. G.
2018Effects of Sliding Velocity and Thermal Conduction of the Tool on X20Cr4 Steel Friction Coefficient and Structure in Nanostructuring BurnishingKuznetsov, V. P.; Skorobogatov, A. S.; Lobanov, M. L.; Yurovskih, A. S.; Khadyev, M. S.; Karabanalov, M. S.
2022Engineering of biomimetic mineralized layer formed on the surface of natural dental enamelSeredin, P.; Goloshchapov, D.; Emelyanova, A.; Buylov, N.; Kashkarov, V.; Lukin, A.; Ippolitov, Y.; Khmelevskaia, T.; Mahdy, I. A.; Mahdy, M. A.