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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Ab initio calculations of pure and Co+2-doped MgF2 crystalsUsseinov, A. B.; Gryaznov, D.; Popov, A. I.; Kotomin, E. A.; Seitov, D.; Abuova, F.; Nekrasov, K. A.; Akilbekov, A. T.
2022Achievements and Future Perspectives of the Trivalent Thulium-Ion-Doped Mixed-Sesquioxide Ceramics for Laser ApplicationsPirri, A.; Maksimov, R. N.; Li, J.; Vannini, M.; Toci, G.
2018Asymptotics of quasi-classical localized states in 2D system of charged hard-core bosonsPanov, Y. D.; Moskvin, A. S.
2020Co(NO3)2 as an Inverted Umbrella-type Chiral Noncoplanar FerrimagnetDanilovich, I. L.; Deeva, E. B.; Bukhteev, K. Y.; Vorobyova, A. A.; Morozov, I. V.; Volkova, O. S.; Zvereva, E. A.; Maximova, O. V.; Solovyev, I. V.; Nikolaev, S. A.; Phuyal, D.; Abdel-Hafiez, M.; Wang, Y. C.; Lin, J. -Y.; Chen, J. M.; Gorbunov, D. I.; Puzniak, K.; Lake, B.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2021Comparison of highly-compressed C2/m-SnH12superhydride with conventional superconductorsTalantsev, E. F.
2015Correlation effects and non-collinear magnetism in the doped Hubbard modelIgoshev, P. A.; Timirgazin, M. A.; Gilmutdinov, V. F.; Arzhnikov, A. K.; Irkhin, V. Yu.
2021Correlation of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov States and Kondo Resonances in Artificial Spin Arrays on an s-Wave SuperconductorKamlapure, A.; Cornils, L.; Žitko, R.; Valentyuk, M.; Mozara, R.; Pradhan, S.; Fransson, J.; Lichtenstein, A. I.; Wiebe, J.; Wiesendanger, R.
2021Dark Discrete Breather Modes in a Monoaxial Chiral Helimagnet with Easy-plane AnisotropyBostrem, I. G.; Ekomasov, E. G.; Kishine, J.; Ovchinnikov, A. S.; Sinitsyn, V. E.
2017Defect levels and hyperfine constants of hydrogen in beryllium oxide from hybrid-functional calculations and muonium spectroscopyMarinopoulos, A. G.; Vilão, R. C.; Vieira, R. B. L.; Alberto, H. V.; Gil, J. M.; Yakushev, M. V.; Scheuermann, R.; Goko, T.
2018Electron States and Magnetic Phase Diagrams of Strongly Correlated SystemsIrkhin, V. Y.; Igoshev, P. A.
2022Electron-phonon coupling constant and BCS ratios in LaH10−y doped with magnetic rare-earth elementTalantsev, E. F.
2018Electronic structure and magnetic properties of the strong-rung spin-1 ladder compound Rb3 Ni2(NO3)7Pchelkina, Z. V.; Mazurenko, V. V.; Volkova, O. S.; Deeva, E. B.; Morozov, I. V.; Shutov, V. V.; Troyanov, S. I.; Werner, J.; Koo, C.; Klingeler, R.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2019Evidence of Spin Frustration in a Vanadium Diselenide Monolayer MagnetWong, P. K. J.; Zhang, W.; Bussolotti, F.; Yin, X.; Herng, T. S.; Zhang, L.; Huang, Y. L.; Vinai, G.; Krishnamurthi, S.; Bukhvalov, D. W.; Zheng, Y. J.; Chua, R.; N'Diaye, A. T.; Morton, S. A.; Yang, C. -Y.; Ou, Yang, K. -H.; Torelli, P.; Chen, W.; Goh, K. E. J.; Ding, J.; Lin, M. -T.; Brocks, G.; de, Jong, M. P.; Castro, Neto, A. H.; Wee, A. T. S.
2019Excitation and control of large-amplitude standing magnetization wavesFriedland, L.; Shagalov, A. G.
2019Experimental and numerical analysis of magnetic susceptibility of the tetranuclear heterometallic SMM complexes [Me2 IIFe2 III(L)4(OH)2⋅EtOH)2⋅(Et2O)2], Me = Co, Ni with dicubane structureStarichenko, D.; Shvachko, Y.; Anokhin, A.; Kuznetsov, A.
2011Ferrofluids with Shifted Dipoles: Ground State StructuresKantorovich, S.; Weeber, R.; Cerda, J. J.; Holm, C.
2015First-principles investigation of exchange interactions in quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnet CaV2O4Pchelkina, Z. V.; Solovyev, I. V.
2022Ground-state structure, orbital ordering and metal-insulator transition in double-perovskite PrBaMn2O6Streltsov, S. V.; Ryltsev, R. E.; Chtchelkatchev, N. M.
2016Highly Anisotropic and Twofold Symmetric Superconducting Gap in Nematically Ordered FeSe0.93 S0.07Xu, H. C.; Niu, X. H.; Xu, D. F.; Jiang, J.; Yao, Q.; Chen, Q. Y.; Song, Q.; Abdel-Hafiez, M.; Chareev, D. A.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Wang, Q. S.; Wo, H. L.; Zhao, J.; Peng, R.; Feng, D. L.
2018Jahn-Teller effect problems via ultrasonic experiments. Application to the impurity crystal CdSe:CrAverkiev, N. S.; Bersuker, I. B.; Gudkov, V. V.; Zhevstovskikh, I. V.; Sarychev, M. N.; Zherlitsyn, S.; Yasin, S.; Korostelin, Y. V.; Surikov, V. T.