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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The Absorption Spectrum of Nitrous Oxide between 8325 and 8622 cm−1Karlovets, E. V.; Kassi, S.; Tashkun, S. A.; Campargue, A.
2013Approaches to rehabilitation of radioactive contaminated territoriesVoronina, A. V.; Semenishchev, V. S.; Bykov, A. A.; Savchenko, M. O.; Kutergin, A. S.; Nedobuh, T. A.
2019Classical conditioning in oddball paradigm: A comparison between aversive and name conditioningPavlov, Y. G.; Kotchoubey, B.
2017Comparative Analyses of Zebrafish Anxiety-Like Behavior Using Conflict-Based Novelty TestsKysil, E. V.; Meshalkina, D. A.; Frick, E. E.; Echevarria, D. J.; Rosemberg, D. B.; Maximino, C.; Lima, M. G.; Abreu, M. S.; Giacomini, A. C.; Barcellos, L. J. G.; Song, C.; Kalueff, A. V.
2022Comparative Analysis of Rankine Cycle Linear Fresnel Reflector and Solar Tower Plant Technologies: Techno-Economic Analysis for EthiopiaKamel, S.; Agyekum, E. B.; Adebayo, T. S.; Taha, I. B. M.; Gyamfi, B. A.; Yaqoob, S. J.
2020A comparative study of Epipactis atrorubens in two different forest communities of the Middle Urals, RussiaFilimonova, E.; Lukina, N.; Glazyrina, M.; Borisova, G.; Tripti; Kumar, A.; Maleva, M.
2017Comparative study of innovation in education in OECD countries: the role of education employeesКаземи, М.; Kazemi, M.
2013Comparative study of iron oxide nanoparticles as-prepared and dispersed in Copaiba oil using Mössbauer spectroscopy with low and high velocity resolutionOshtrakh, M. I.; Šepelák, V.; Rodriguez, A. F. R.; Semionkin, V. A.; Ushakov, M. V.; Santos, J. G.; Silveira, L. B.; Marmolejo, E. M.; Parise, M. D. S.; Morais, P. C.
2018A comparative study of regional strategies of Northeast Asian countriesZhang, S.
2013Comparative study of the iron cores in human liver ferritin, its pharmaceutical models and ferritin in chicken liver and spleen tissues using Mössbauer spectroscopy with a high velocity resolutionAlenkina, I. V.; Oshtrakh, M. I.; Klepova, Y. V.; Dubiel, S. M.; Sadovnikov, N. V.; Semionkin, V. A.
2018Comparison of ATP sulfurylase 2 from selenium hyperaccumulator Stanleya pinnata and non-accumulator Stanleya elata reveals differential intracellular localization and enzyme activity levelsJiang, Y.; Schiavon, M.; Lima, L. W.; Tripti; Jones, R. R.; El, Mehdawi, A. F.; Royer, S.; Zeng, Z.; Hu, Y.; Pilon-Smits, E. A. H.; Pilon, M.
2015Experimental comparative pharmacokinetics of levofloxacin, triazavirine, and related conjugateBlazhennikova, I. V.; Kurpyakova, A. F.; Bykov, V. N.; Geibo, D. S.; Nikiforov, A. S.; Stepanov, A. V.; Charushin, V. N.; Chupakhin, O. N.; Kotovskaya, S. K.; Rusinov, V. L.
2013Method for obtaining ingots of the A34 solder based on an investigation into the relation between the structure and properties of liquid and solid metalsKonstantinov, A. N.; Chikova, O. A.; Nikitin, K. V.
2013Mössbauer spectroscopy of the iron cores in human liver ferritin, ferritin in normal human spleen and ferritin in spleen from patient with primary myelofibrosis: Preliminary results of comparative analysisOshtrakh, M. I.; Alenkina, I. V.; Vinogradov, A. V.; Konstantinova, T. S.; Kuzmann, E.; Semionkin, V. A.
2014Optimal placement units of distributed generationChernykh, I.; Chechushkov, D.; Panikovskaya, T.
2021Regulation at the Source? Comparing Upstream and Downstream Climate PoliciesForamitti, J.; Savin, I.; van den Bergh, J. C. J. M.
2020Structural and Magnetic Study of the Iron Cores in Iron(III)-Polymaltose Pharmaceutical Ferritin Analogue Ferrifol®Alenkina, I. V.; Kis, V. K.; Felner, I.; Kuzmann, E.; Klencsár, Z.; Oshtrakh, M. I.
2021Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Biocompatible Alloy, ti-nb-zr-ta-snKhrunyk, Y. Y.; Ehnert, S.; Grib, S. V.; Illarionov, A. G.; Stepanov, S. I.; Popov, A. A.; Ryzhkov, M. A.; Belikov, S. V.; Xu, Z.; Rupp, F.; Nüssler, A. K.
2021Techno-economic comparative analysis of solar photovoltaic power systems with and without storage systems in three different climatic regions, GhanaAgyekum, E. B.
2021Terbium Medical Radioisotope Production: Laser Resonance Ionization Scheme DevelopmentGadelshin, V. M.; Formento, Cavaier, R.; Haddad, F.; Heinke, R.; Stora, T.; Studer, D.; Weber, F.; Wendt, K.