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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Crystallographic Features of Phase Transformations during the Continuous Cooling of a Ti6Al4V Alloy from the Single-Phase β-RegionNaschetnikova, I. A.; Stepanov, S. I.; Redikultsev, A. A.; Yarkov, V. Y.; Zorina, M. A.; Lobanov, M. L.
2019Determination of critical points of amorphous Fe-Si-Nb-Cu-Mo-B alloy using non-ambient X-ray diffraction methodNikul’Chenkov, N. N.; Yurovskikh, A. S.; Lobanov, M. L.
2018The effect of accelerated cooling on the structure of pipe steels for thermomechanical controlled processingKrasnov, M. L.; Platov, S. I.; Urtsev, V. N.; Danilov, S. V.; Pastukhov, V. I.; Lobanov, M. L.
2019The Effect of Copper and Manganese on the Amorphization Process in a Thin Fe–Si–Mg–O FilmYurovskikh, A. S.; Nikul’chenkov, N. N.; Redikultsev, A. A.; Lutfieva, Z. Z.; Lobanov, M. L.
2013Effect of copper content, initial structure, and scheme of treatment on magnetic properties of ultra-thin grain oriented electrical steelLobanov, M. L.; Rusakov, G. M.; Redikul'tsev, A. A.
2020Effect of Special Misorientations - Crystallographic Ordered Boundaries in Recrystallization in Aluminium Alloy of Al-Si-Mg SystemReznik, P. L.; Redikultsev, A. A.; Lobanov, M. L.
2020Effect of structure and texture on failure of pipe steel sheets produced by TMCPLobanov, M. L.; Danilov, S. V.; Urtsev, V. N.
2018Effects of Sliding Velocity and Thermal Conduction of the Tool on X20Cr4 Steel Friction Coefficient and Structure in Nanostructuring BurnishingKuznetsov, V. P.; Skorobogatov, A. S.; Lobanov, M. L.; Yurovskih, A. S.; Khadyev, M. S.; Karabanalov, M. S.
2017Evolution of microstructure in stainless martensitic steel for seamless tubingPyshmintsev, I. Y.; Bityukov, S. M.; Pastukhov, V. I.; Danilov, S. V.; Vedernikova, L. O.; Lobanov, M. L.
2016Evolution of the texture of low-carbon microalloyed pipe steel in the seamless pipe manufacturing processPyshmintsev, I. U.; Veselov, I. N.; Yakovleva, A. A.; Lobanov, M. L.; Danilov, S. V.
2020Features of Shear Banding in Grains with Orientation {111}<110> in the Fe - 3%Si AlloyLobanov, M. L.; Reznik, P. L.; Redikultsev, A. A.
2018Features of shear transformation texture in seamless pipesLobanov, M. L.; Pyshmintsev, Y. I.; Maltseva, A. N.; Uskov, D. P.; Danilov, S. V.; Makarova, E. A.; Pastukhov, V. I.
2013Formation of special misorientations related to transition bands in structure of deformed and annealed single crystal (110)[001] of Fe-3% Si alloyLobanov, M. L.; Rusakov, G. M.; Redikultsev, A. A.; Lobanova, L. V.
2021Influence of crystallographic texture of TMCP pipe steel on the nature of deformation and fracture during tensile testingDanilov, S. V.; Khotinov, V. A.; Urtsev, N. V.; Lobanov, M. L.
2020Influence of structural and textural states of low-carbon steels on the cracking resistance of tube productsDanilov, S. V.; Urtsev, N. V.; Maslennikov, K. B.; Urtsev, V. N.; Lobanov, M. L.
2013Secondary recrystallization in Fe-3% Si alloy with (110)[001] single-component textureRedikul'tsev, A. A.; Lobanov, M. L.; Rusakov, G. M.; Lobanova, L. V.
2020Solid state amorphization in a thin Fe-Si-Mg-O surface film triggered by the reduction of elements from oxides in the temperature range of the α-γ transformationLobanov, M. L.; Yurovskikh, A. S.; Reznik, P. L.; Nikul’chenkov, N. N.; Rusakov, G. M.; Redikul’tsev, A. A.
2022Tensile Deformation and Fracture Behavior of API-5L X70 Line Pipe SteelLobanov, M. L.; Khotinov, V. A.; Urtsev, V. N.; Danilov, S. V.; Urtsev, N. V.; Platov, S. I.; Stepanov, S. I.
2017Textural heredity at phase transformations in low-carbon low-alloy pipe steel after controlled thermomechanical processingLobanov, M. L.; Borodina, M. D.; Danilov, S. V.; Pyshmintsev, I. Y.; Struin, A. O.
2021Texturing and Phase Evolution in Ti-6Al-4V: Effect of Electron Beam Melting Process, Powder Re-Using, and Hip TreatmentPopov, V. V.; Lobanov, M. L.; Stepanov, S. I.; Qi, Y.; Muller-Kamskii, G.; Popova, E. N.; Katz-Demyanetz, A.; Popov, A. A.