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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A 12.2 GHz Methanol Maser Survey toward the 6.7 GHz Counterparts Associated with/without UC H ii RegionsSong, S. -M.; Chen, X.; Shen, Z. -Q.; Li, B.; Yang, K.; Ouyang, X.; Sobolev, A. M.; Zhao, Z.; Li, X. -Q.; Cai, F.
202013CH3OH Masers Associated with a Transient Phenomenon in a High-mass Young Stellar ObjectChen, X.; Sobolev, A. M.; Breen, S. L.; Shen, Z. -Q.; Ellingsen, S. P.; MacLeod, G. C.; Li, B.; Voronkov, M. A.; Kaczmarek, J. F.; Zhang, J.; Ren, Z. -Y.; Wang, J.; Linz, H.; Hunter, T. R.; Brogan, C.; Sugiyama, K.; Burns, R. A.; Menten, K.; Sanna, A.; Stecklum, B.; Hirota, T.; Kim, K. -T.; Chibueze, J.; Heever, S. P. V. D.
202044 GHz Methanol Masers: Observations toward 95 GHz Methanol MasersYang, W.; Yang, W.; Xu, Y.; Choi, Y. K.; Ellingsen, S. P.; Sobolev, A. M.; Chen, X.; Li, J.; Lu, D.
2021Chemically Fresh Gas Inflows Detected in a Nearby High-mass Star-forming RegionChen, X.; Ren, Z. -Y.; Li, D. -L.; Liu, T.; Wang, K.; Shen, Z. -Q.; Ellingsen, S. P.; Sobolev, A. M.; Mei, Y.; Li, J. -J.; Wu, Y. -F.; Kim, K. -T.
2021Comparison of Mathematical Methods for Compensating a Current Signal Under Current Transformers Saturation ConditionsOdinaev, I.; Gulakhmadov, A.; Murzin, P.; Tavlintsev, A.; Semenenko, S.; Kokorin, E.; Safaraliev, M.; Chen, X.
2019Detection of new methanol maser transitions associated with G358.93-0.03MacLeod, G. C.; Sugiyama, K.; Hunter, T. R.; Quick, J.; Baan, W.; Breen, S. L.; Brogan, C. L.; Burns, R. A.; Caratti, O; Garatti, A.; Chen, X.; Chibueze, J. O.; Houde, M.; Kaczmarek, J. F.; Linz, H.; Rajabi, F.; Saito, Y.; Schmidl, S.; Sobolev, A. M.; Stecklum, B.; Van Den Heever, S. P.; Yonekura, Y.
2019Discovery of a New Class i Methanol Maser Transition at 266.8 GHzChen, X.; Ellingsen, S. P.; Ren, Z. -Y.; Sobolev, A. M.; Parfenov, S.; Shen, Z. -Q.
2022Experimental Study on Performance Enhancement of a Photovoltaic Module Incorporated with CPU Heat Pipe—A 5E AnalysisPraveenkumar, S.; Gulakhmadov, A.; Agyekum, E. B.; Alwan, N. T.; Velkin, V. I.; Sharipov, P.; Safaraliev, M.; Chen, X.
2018The Focal Heat Flux Distribution Measurement of High-times Concentrating Directional Transmission SystemWu, S. L.; Tan, H. P.; Chen, X.; Xia, X. L.
2021Hierarchically Skeletal Multi-layered Pt-Ni Nanocrystals for Highly Efficient Oxygen Reduction and Methanol Oxidation ReactionsLi, S.; Tian, Z. Q.; Liu, Y.; Jang, Z.; Hasan, S. W.; Chen, X.; Tsiakaras, P.; Shen, P. K.
2019High-mass star formation in the nearby region G352.630-1.067. I. parallaxChen, X.; Li, J. -J.; Zhang, B.; Ellingsen, S. P.; Xu, Y.; Ren, Z. -Y.; Shen, Z. -Q.; Sobolev, A. M.
2020In-Situ Wire-Feed Additive Manufacturing of Fe-Al Alloy by Addition of ChromiumWang, Ya.; Konovalov, S. V.; Chen, X.; Ван, Я.; Коновалов, С. В.; Чэнь, С.
2022Models of Optimal Operating Modes of the Water-Economic Complex on the Basis of Hydro Resource Price EvaluationSekretarev, Y.; Myateg, T.; Gulakhmadov, A.; Safaraliev, M.; Mitrofanov, S.; Zubova, N.; Atamanova, O.; Chen, X.
2022A Multitransition Methanol Maser Study of the Accretion Burst Source G358.93-0.03-MM1Bayandina, O. S.; Brogan, C. L.; Burns, R. A.; Chen, X.; Hunter, T. R.; Kurtz, S. E.; Macleod, G. C.; Sobolev, A. M.; Sugiyama, K.; Val'Tts, I. E.; Yonekura, Y.
2016Preparation and Properties of Boron-Based Nano-B/CuO ThermiteLiu, T.; Chen, X.; Han, A. J.; Ye, M. Q.; Zhang, S. T.
2020A Radio Molecular Line Search for Evidence of an O-rich Environment around Binary in Silicate Carbon StarsZhao, Z.; Chen, X.; Ellingsen, S. P.; Sobolev, A. M.; Ouyang, X.
2020Recloser-based decentralized control of the grid with distributed generation in the Lahsh district of the Rasht grid in Tajikistan, central AsiaGhulomzoda, A.; Gulakhmadov, A.; Fishov, A.; Safaraliev, M.; Chen, X.; Rasulzoda, K.; Gulyamov, K.; Ahyoev, J.
2016Strong interplay between stripe spin fluctuations, nematicity and superconductivity in FeSeWang, Q.; Shen, Y.; Pan, B.; Hao, Y.; Ma, M.; Zhou, F.; Steffens, P.; Schmalzl, K.; Forrest, T. R.; Abdel-Hafiez, M.; Chen, X.; Chareev, D. A.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Bourges, P.; Sidis, Y.; Cao, H.; Zhao, J.
2019Sub-arcsecond (Sub)millimeter Imaging of the Massive Protocluster G358.93-0.03: Discovery of 14 New Methanol Maser Lines Associated with a Hot CoreBrogan, C. L.; Hunter, T. R.; Towner, A. P. M.; McGuire, B. A.; MacLeod, G. C.; Gurwell, M. A.; Cyganowski, C. J.; Brand, J.; Burns, R. A.; O, Garatti, A. C.; Chen, X.; Chibueze, J. O.; Hirano, N.; Hirota, T.; Kim, K. -T.; Kramer, B. H.; Linz, H.; Menten, K. M.; Remijan, A.; Sanna, A.; Sobolev, A. M.; Sridharan, T. K.; Stecklum, B.; Sugiyama, K.; Surcis, G.; Van, Der, Walt, J.; Volvach, A. E.; Volvach, L. N.
2018Thermal Performance Analysis of High-temperature Heat Transfer Process of Solar EnergyXia, X. L.; Sun, F. X.; Tan, H. P.; Chen, X.