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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Local electromechanical characterization of Pr doped BiFeO3 ceramicsAbramov, A. S.; Alikin, D. O.; Neradovskiy, M. M.; Turygin, A. P.; Ushakov, A. D.; Rokeah, R. O.; Nikitin, A. V.; Karpinsky, D. V.; Shur, V. Y.; Kholkin, A. L.; Шур, В. Я.
2016Probing ferroelectric behaviour in charge-transfer organic meta-nitroanilineIsakov, D.; Vasilev, S.; Gomes, E. D. M.; Almeida, B.; Shur, V. Y.; Kholkin, A. L.; Шур, В. Я.
2018Switching current shape analysis in LBGO single crystalsAkhmatkhanov, A. R.; Plashinnov, K. S.; Milov, E. V.; Shneidshtein, I. V.; Turygin, A. P.; Shur, V. Y.; Шур, В. Я.
2016Thickness effect on the structure, grain size, and local piezoresponse of self-polarized lead lanthanum zirconate titanate thin filmsMelo, M.; Araújo, E. B.; Shvartsman, V. V.; Shur, V. Y.; Kholkin, A. L.; Шур, В. Я.
2018Decoupling Mesoscale Functional Response in PLZT across the Ferroelectric-Relaxor Phase Transition with Contact Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy and Machine LearningNeumayer, S. M.; Collins, L.; Vasudevan, R.; Smith, C.; Somnath, S.; Shur, V. Y.; Jesse, S.; Kholkin, A. L.; Kalinin, S. V.; Rodriguez, B. J.; Шур, В. Я.
2018Domain structure imaging in PMN-PT crystals using channelling-contrast backscattered electron microscopyVlasov, E. O.; Chezganov, D. S.; Gimadeeva, L. V.; Ushakov, A. D.; Hu, Q.; Wei, X.; Shur, V. Y.; Шур, В. Я.
2019Domain diversity and polarization switching in amino acid β-glycineVasileva, D.; Vasilev, S.; Kholkin, A. L.; Shur, V. Y.; Шур, В. Я.
2015Domain structures and local switching in lead-free piezoceramics Ba0.85Ca0.15Ti0.90Zr0.10O3Turygin, A. P.; Neradovskiy, M. M.; Naumova, N. A.; Zayats, D. V.; Coondoo, I.; Kholkin, A. L.; Shur, V. Y.; Шур, В. Я.
2017Physical properties and reentrant behavior in PLZT thin filmsMelo, M.; Araujo, E. B.; Neradovskaya, E. A.; Turygin, A. P.; Esin, A. A.; Shur, V. Y.; Kholkin, A. L.; Шур, В. Я.
2012Micro-Raman visualization of domain structure in strontium barium niobate single crystalsZelenovskiy, P. S.; Shikhova, V. A.; Ievlev, A. V.; Neradovskiy, M. M.; Shur, V. Ya.; Шур, В. Я.