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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Relationship between global economic turbulence and business financial performanceSharavina, K. O.; Lopatkova, Y. A.
2016The Changing Role of Universities in Economic GrowthKochetkov, D. M.; Larionova, V. A.; Кочетков, Д. М.; Ларионова, В. А.
2022The impact of globalization on company leadershipChu, Ngok Duy Ly
2021Effects of virtual and augmented reality technologies on the global economyLazareva, A. S.; Belyaeva, Z. S.
2021Non-financial stimulus for business in brics marketsSlukina, P. A.
2017Public-private partnerships: theoretical definition and conceptionТрунова, О. Д.
2022Smart region: relationship with human development index, a study to determine the role of entrepreneurs in creation of smart region, evaluation of challenges in building smart regionJavaid, Anique; Golousova, E.
2016Current Yield of Commercial Real Estate as an Indicator of Investment Appeal of the RegionLarionova, V.; Maltseva, K.; Kochetkov, D.; Кочетков, Д. М.; Ларионова, В. А.; Мальцева, К. В.
2016Innovative development of social entrepreneurship in Sverdlovsk regionOmonov, Z.
2023The Trend of Green Technologies: A Comparative Analysis of The Impact on Economic Growth in Developed and Developing CountriesFaizova, A. R.; Efremova, V. P.
2020Evaluating University Academic Efficacy: Institutional ApproachВласов, М. В.; Vlasov, M. V.
2020Challenges and Opportunities of Conducting Social Science Research in RussiaЁрл, А.; Earl, A.
2021Резильентность экономики: факторы устойчивости к шокамAkberdina, V.; Акбердина, В. В.
2019Entrepreneurship in the Arctic Regions: Reviewing Arctic Policies of Finland, Russia and SwedenTaivalantti, T.; Polbitsyn, S.; Тайвалантти, Т.; Полбицын, С. Н.
2023Talent Management as A New Managerial Approach to Managing People in An OrganizationDawson, J. Y.; Lysenko, E. V.
2020Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise: Problems and Development Prospects: a Reflective AnalysisРасел, М.; Паникарова, С. В.; Rasel, Miah Md.; Panikarova, S. V.
2021Assessment of digital transformation and modification of business models in Yekaterinburg, Russia: local business surveyIbukun, P. B.; Ruzhanskaya, L. S.
2016World economy and international economic relationsФролова, Е. Д.; Кривенцова, Л. А.; Куприна, Т. В.
2017Социальное предпринимательство как объект институционального анализаПопов, Е. В.; Веретенникова, А. Ю.; Козинская, К. М.
2019Влияние качества налогового контроля на обеспечение экономической безопасности страныKorkina, G.; Smirnova, O.; Коркина, Г. М.; Смирнова, О. П.
Results 1-20 of 110 (Search time: 0.019 seconds).