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Title: Industrialization, neo-industrialization and post-industrialism in the evolution of the old industrial region (On the example of saar-lor-lux euro-region)
Authors: Kovalev, Y.
Sobolev, A.
Burnasov, A.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Kovalev, Y. Industrialization, neo-industrialization and post-industrialism in the evolution of the old industrial region (On the example of saar-lor-lux euro-region) / Y. Kovalev, A. Sobolev, A. Burnasov. — DOI 10.15211/soveurope12020158169 // Sovremennaya Evropa. — 2020. — Vol. 1. — Iss. 2020. — P. 158-169.
Abstract: The article explores the evolution of the old industrial regions of Europe - Saarland, Luxembourg and Lorraine, which form a single Saar-Lor-Lux Euro-Region. The historical processes of industrialization, neo- and post-industrialization of Saarland, Luxembourg and Lorraine are analyzed as the stages of a unified technological evolution of the Euro-Region. The factors of the formation of heavy industry sectors in the Saar-Lor-Lux, their further development and crisis in the 1960?1990s are shown. The author highlights that the formation of new (automotive) and advanced (electronic, aerospace) industries in the regions, as well as a powerful highly qualified services sector, went along with the rationalization and modernization of production in the metallurgical industry. The focus is made on the current socioeconomic situation. The role of government measures in the restructuring of regional economies is demonstrated. The authors provide insight into the interaction in the Euro-Region as one of the most important factors in its economic development. The conclusion is that modern industrial production in the Euro- Region is closely intertwined with the sphere of scientific research, education and management. In the Euro-Region, cross-border cooperative networks have been created, and technological clusters are being formed. Former regions of traditional industrial sectors are becoming flagships of neo-industrialization, in which basic industries remain the core of the region's innovative development. © 2020 Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.
Keywords: CLUSTER
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ISSN: 0201-7083
DOI: 10.15211/soveurope12020158169
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