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Title: Perceived Personal Attractiveness and Self-Improvement Practices
Authors: Antonova, N. L.
Merenkov, A. V.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Уральский федеральный университет
Ural Federal University
Citation: Antonova N. L. Perceived Personal Attractiveness and Self-Improvement Practices / N. L. Antonova, A. V. Merenkov // Changing Societies & Personalities. — 2020. — Vol. 4. Iss. 1. — P. 91–106.
Abstract: The article discusses the results of a sociological survey of personal attractiveness perceptions and self-improvement practices (exercise, dieting, plastic surgery, learning, etc.) in Yekaterinburg (Russia). The purpose of the research is to identify age- and genderrelated similarities and differences in the perceptions of attractive appearance and personality traits among Russians. The survey was conducted in 2019 and covered 680 people of both sexes and different age groups. It also included 33 in-depth interviews with respondents from different age groups. The survey results have shown that people resort to various practices for enhancing their physical shape and personality in accordance with established stereotypes of outer and inner beauty. Younger generations of Russians continue to reproduce gender asymmetry in their ideas of feminine and male beauty. The research has also brought to light a new system of gender inequality: women appear to be much more active in their pursuit of a healthy body and personality growth than men. Inhabitants of Yekaterinburg most frequently resort to such self-improvement practices as exercise and healthy eating. People in all age groups gave lower ratings to such qualities as stamina and productivity at work, which shows their lack of awareness of the role these attributes play in acquiring new knowledge and skills in the digital age.
Keywords: BODY
ISSN: 2587-6104
2587-8964 (Online)
DOI: 10.15826/csp.2020.4.1.091
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This research was supported by a Russian Foundation for Basic Research, grant № 18-011-00150 А.
Origin: Changing Societies & Personalities. 2020. Vol. 4. Iss. 1
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