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Title: Contents. ADSV. 2019. Vol. 47
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Издательство Уральского университета
Citation: Contents // Античная древность и средние века. — Екатеринбург : Изд-во Урал. ун-та, 2019. — Вып. 47. — С. 9-10.
Abstract: The journal discusses various aspects of the history and culture of Ancient Rome, Byzantium, and the countries in Byzantine cultural circle. Its latest volume comprises researches revealing a wide range of issues of political, social and cultural history, archaeology, epigraphy and sigillography, art history and historiography of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The journal is addressed to researchers and university teachers, graduate and under-graduate students in humanities, and to all those interested in the history and culture of Ancient Rome and Byzantium.
Keywords: CONTENTS
ISSN: 0320-4472
Origin: Античная древность и средние века. 2019. Вып. 47
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