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Title: Межкультурное обучение лингвистов-переводчиков на основе проектной деятельности
Other Titles: Intercultural training of linguistic translators based on project activity
Authors: Корнеева, Л. И.
Korneeva, L. I.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Uniwersytet Warszawski
Citation: Корнеева Л. И. Межкультурное обучение лингвистов-переводчиков на основе проектной деятельности / Л. И. Корнеева // Русский язык как иностранный. Дидактика перевода, словари и учебные пособия. — Варшава : Uniwersytet Warszawski, 2019. — С. 15-28.
Abstract: The chapter is devoted to problematic of intercultural foreign-language education and training of students of the linguistic fields of education. The tasks of teaching intercultural foreign language communication are formulated, the main of which are the acquisition of professional knowledge and practical skills in this field. In the chapter there are considered the possibilities and features of application of project activity as a method of teaching intercultural communication during the capture of discipline „Theory and praxis of intercultural communication”. This method is considered as a means of developing practical intercultural foreign language skills of linguistic students. The educational phases of the project activity, types of relationships between the project participants are presented. Much attention is paid to the description of evaluation criteria joint project activities of Russian and German, Austrian students. The application of project methodology in the process of practical intercultural education and training of students can have a positive impact on the development of intercultural competence of other linguists and translators. The chapter presents and analyses examples of the application of the project methodology in the process of intercultural foreign language education and training of linguistic students, describes the technologies and possibilities of using this methodology for the development of the communicative competence of students and intercultural foreign-language competence in general.
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